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Change your Life with Goals

Change your Life with Goals

We are living today at a time where there are more opportunities and possibilities out there for us than ever before. The level of prosperity has never been higher, the average life span has never been longer, the number of options available to you has never been greater.

The explosion of knowledge and technology in the last few years, combined with the increasing intensity of competition in all fields, has accelerated the rate of change. More and more, you have too much to do and too little time. Your responsibilities and obligations seem to pile up. There are never enough hours in the day.

You can dramatically improve the overall quality of your life far faster than you might think possible. All you need is the desire to change, the decision to take action, the discipline to practice the new behaviors you have chosen, and the determination to persist until you get the results you want.

Have you ever taken the time to analyse your work and personal life. To identify the areas where you are getting the best results and earning the most money. At the same time, have you identified the areas that consume an enormous amount of time but contributed very little to your goals. Remember to seize your day and make every minute count!

I do this on a regular basis. I find it essential when it comes to blogging. I want to make sure I am doing everything I can to improve it, to make it successful, and not waste time doing unnecessary things.

Ask yourself this question: “Knowing what I know now, if I were not doing this now, would I start it up again today?”

You and your blog could be doing so much better. You could be far less affected by stress than you are right now. I will guarantee you that there is an enormous number of activities you are caught up in and responsibilities that you have  taken on that are contributing very little to your life and his goals.

You have to do more of some things and less of other things and to start doing certain things and stop other activities altogether. You got to get the balance right. Spend time on your most productive activities, and very little if any on your unproductive ones. You need to refocus your efforts, simplifying and streamlining everything you do.

It is easy to dream big but if we don’t take consistent action to turn them dreams into reality; everything is just going to stay as an unfulfilled dream. We all can have what we desire.

Every day that goes by you either move closer towards achieving a goal or you move further away from that goal. You have to move towards your goal every single day. Following these steps will guarantee that you will move towards your goal each day.

1- Believe in yourself

If you read my posts you will often see this point come up. I cannot say to many times that it is essential for you to believe in yourself and in your abilities to achieve anything in life. Believing in yourself is the key to almost everything that has happened, and will happen in your life. I wrote an article on this called, You Must Believe in Yourself When No One Else Does.

2-  Know what it is you want to achieve

You can’t move towards a goal unless you have a clear idea about what that goal is. This picture must be specific. You have to get clear, gain clarity on exactly what it is you want. A brilliant method  to gain a clear picture about your goal, is to frequently take time visualizing yourself achieving your goal. Visualisation is such an important skill that we all possess, that can truly provide the fuel for your achievements. Get as detailed as possible in your mind. See my previous article A Vision For Your Life – Are You Living Your Dream?

3 – See the end result

Consider how you will feel when succeed. What will you feel like? What will other people say? How much happiness will you have? How will you celebrate? Make the level of pleasure as deep and realistic as possible. The more pleasure you associate with achieving your goal, the easier it will be to get out of your comfort zone and do the things needed to achieve that goal.

4 – Focus on Taking Action

You need to do something each and every day towards achieving your goal. Start by identifying the important activities that you need to do to achieve your goal. Start creating the personal momentum to move yourself in the right direction. Everything starts from taking action. But to turn your dreams into reality you need to take consistent action. To change your life you have to change something you do daily.  What changes will you make today to make this your best week ever? Take small steps daily, not giant steps occasionally to reach your goals. See my previous article called 10 Steps To Seize Your Day.

5 – Keep that Positive mindset

You won’t succeed overnight, all good things are worth waiting for, they also won’t happen without lots of hard work and effort. You will have to overcome many challenges and obstacles before you reach your desired goal. You have to keep at it, keep pushing and never dishearten yourself even when you think everything is lost, stay positive and focus on solving problems and moving forward. No one has ever achieved anything without failing or having setbacks.

6. Keep Your Goal at the Forefront of Your Mind

Not only do you need to have a clear picture in your mind about what you would like to achieve in your goal you also need to keep that goal at the front for your mind. There are many ways you can keep yourself reminded about your goal.  My favourite is a Vision board, which I wrote about in Vision Board Creating Your Future.

I can tell you that success is not a result of luck or  purely talent. Success comes to those who work their BUTTS off, and never give up.

Hard work, persistence, long, getting back up after every knock are the behaviours that differentiate the truly successful from everybody else.

Success is falling nine times and getting up ten. -Jon Bon Jovi


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