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Welcome to Healthy Lifestyles Living – a community for people who are passionate about becoming, healthier, fitter, happier and ultimately taking their lives to a more satisfying future. So we bring you through this blog the information which will help you build a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Hi! My name is Larry Lewis, and welcome to my personal development blog. The purpose for this blog is to help you find, share, and discover ways to help improve the quality of your life; and to help take your personal growth to a whole new level. This is just one of the vehicles I use to do that, with the others being speaking, coaching, consulting and a variety of online courses.

The mission of Healthy Lifestyle Blog is to inspire individuals to incorporate healthy lifestyle living and personal development techniques in everyday life.

The principles that this blog supports are to ensure that people are not only free from ill-health but actually in good physical and mental health. There surely can be nothing more important than the promotion of the well-being of the individual. We help our readers as much as we can by writing articles, sharing personal development information, healthy lifestyle strategies and tips, intended to help you live the life you really want.

At the heart of living a healthy lifestyle it is imperative to get the right connection between your Mind, Body and Soul connection.

Your Body or Physical You requires:

  • The Right Nutrition
  • Appropriate Weight
  • Receiving Adequate Rest
  • Receiving Adequate Rest
  • Proper Stress Management

Your Mind or Emotional You requires:

  • Self-supportive attitudes
  • Positive thoughts and viewpoints
  • Positive self-image
  • Give and receive forgiveness
  • Love and compassion
  • Laugh and experience happiness
  • Joyful relationships with yourself and others

Your Soul or Spiritual You requires:

  • Inner calmness
  • Openness to your creativity
  • Trust in your inner knowing

Since the entire you, meaning all aspects of ones self, must work in harmony to achieve wellness, you need to put balanced energy into each aspect of yourself.

All of us have unlimited potential in us to achieve everything we ever wanted. All of us have the capability to do whatever we wish to do. All of us can fulfill our greatest goals and dreams. No matter who we are or what we do, there is always room to be better, bigger and more excellent.

And that’s the reason why this site is here – To enable everyone to achieve their highest potential and live their best life. This is meant to be a safe place where we gather together with others who are passionate about achieving excellence in life, challenge limitations, share our best learning’s and achieve our highest potential.

My Vision

My vision for Healthy Lifestyles Living is an ever-growing site contributing inspiration to those attracted to ideas of personal development. As my readers continue to grow in number, this provides me with an outlet for making the difference, allowing me to contribute to the world.

You have now found our site, so reward yourself by using your time wisely to discover the information you need, for the lifestyle you deserve. My promise to you is that I’ll do my best to help you live a better life, providing you the tools you can use to find the answers to the important questions you have to move your life forward, and share all the value that has been added to my life through the study of personal development and self improvement.

With that said, you are encouraged to subscribe below to stay up-to-date and read this personal development blog regularly; and you’ll be sure to grow with me!

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