The Healthy Lifestyle Plan

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy for Life!

Banashing Obesity And Ill Health For Over 20 Years

The healthy lifestyle plan gives you all the tools and information you need to ensure you can start living a healthy lifestyle – where you can say goodbye to bad health choices.

The Healthy Lifestyle Plan Will Allow You To…

Lose 6 inches in 6 weeks by targeting excess body fat.
Control your weight by providing you with a unique 70 point weekly scoring system where you can predict weight loss (and weight gain) in advance.
Create new healthy lifestyle habits to prevent ill health in the future.
Help you overcome chronic illnesses such as diabeties, obesity, COPD and other health related issues.

We can’t wait for you to start experiencing all the positive changes from the Healthy Lifestyle Plan. You will soon be able to experience a day where you are full of energy and vitality. Where it seems like the clocks have been put back to a time before your weight gain or when ill health took over your life. To be able to get back in your jeans and enjoy the freedom and confidence of being back to your ideal weight. This is what following the Healthy Lifestyle Plan can do for you.

To achieve this you are going to have to make some key lifestyle changes. It’s not easy to change your daily habits but with our help and the Healthy Lifestyle Plan scoring system you can start living a healthy lifestyle starting today!

The Healthy Lifestyle Plan is for anyone who is looking to get healthy and stay healthy for life.

Get started today – the plan and the online support tools are FREE!

A permanent healthy weight loss/management program.

The unique 70 point scoring system allows you to predict if you are going to lose or gain weight in any given week. Say goodbye to yo-yo dieting and hello to a permanent way of living a healthy life.

Lose 6 inches in 6 weeks.

Score at least 60 points a week and you will lose weight in a healthy way by targeting excess fat instead of essential body fat.

Helps avoid ill health in later life.

There is more to being healthy than just eating right and being active. We cover other wellbeing practices from stress management all the way through to starting your morning right and planning your day for maximum productivity.

Basic email support.

I will personally answer all questions related to using and implementing the The Healthy Lifestyle Plan free training, usually within 24 hours.

Free online support tools.

Let us handle the unique scoring system. All you need to do is answer a few questions about your day and we will take care of scoring your day for you!

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