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Do You Know Your Health Score?

15 Questions – a maximum score of 70. See how healthy your current lifestyle is today.

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The Healthy Lifestyle Plan

Take back your health today with the Healthy Lifestyle Plan. It’s an amazing weight management program which combines plant based eating and fasting which aids the body’s natural defenses and can drastically improve chronic illnesses.

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Take Back Your Health Coaching

Take back your health coaching with the Healthy Lifestyle Plan. With this special coaching package you also get your very own health coach, Larry Lewis, who will assist you in implementing the Healthy Lifestyle Plan into your current lifestyle in a matter of weeks!

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Healthy Lifestyle Supplements

We have hand picked the best healthy lifestyle supplements which will aid you in your healthy lifestyle journey. All health supplements have been designed to be used with the Healthy Lifestyle Plan and H.E.L.P. programs but each one is also a stand-alone health supplement.

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Welcome To Healthy Lifestyles Living

Welcome to Healthy Lifestyles Living!

We are the number one online healthy lifestyle resource and specialise in providing the information, tools and support to enable you to take back your health!

It’s our mission to provide a resource here at where you can go from your current state of health and improve on it. It doesn’t matter if your someone who is overweight and looking to get more active and eat healthier or someone who is crippled with a chronic illness this website has been created to first get you healthy and then provide you with the tools and resource to ensure you can stay healthy for life.

Healthy Lifestyles Living is the home of the Healthy Lifestyle Plan. Through this life changing program we’ve helped hundreds of our clients overcome ill health and enabled them to take back their health. We can do the same for you!

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