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Finish What You Start

Finish What You Start

It’s a great question isn’t it? How many times didn’t you finish what you start? I’m sure most of us have started things and then moved on when something else has come along. Where would the world be if the top musicians, authors, playwright’s or moviemakers didn’t complete their masterpieces?

Do you have a whole bunch of half-finished projects gathering dust?

In modern society it has become common place to start something but not finish it. In my Personal Development Coaching practice I work with many people with a common problem, they never seem to be able to complete anything they start. They will start on a new project with excitement, work at it full steam ahead, but at some point they just ground to a halt.

How crazy this is though. No one would ever regret finishing something they started.

So are you good at starting things?

However, not so good at getting them finished?

Success depends on the ability at getting things finished. After all how can you measure the success of anything until it is completed. I see this as one of the frustrations of life. Many people have a dream of writing a book and getting it published. They make a start, they put the time in, in many cases months maybe years. But few ever finish them and publication never comes. They quit long before they get to the end.

It is a must that you adopt the mindset that what you start you will finish, whatever it may be. Don’t stop till it’s done. See it through to the end. Thinking like this gives you power.

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