Motivational Morning Ritual

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Motivational Morning Ritual

I just wonder if you’ve ever experienced the following situation. That when your morning starts badly for you, everything seems to go downhill from there. You end up being in a negative frame of mind most of the day, you lose control of your healthy eating intentions and end up eating more food and making wrong choices, and the whole day feels like a losing battle. Just because you had a bad start to the day. So is this something you’ve experienced. If not, congratulations, you’re pretty unique. But if you have, isn’t it time you took control of your day. Facts are, if your morning starts well, the rest of the day will follow through with a positive outlook. So what can you do about it?

The first action is simple. No more lying in bed in the morning, fighting off your alarm, grabbing those extra few minutes in dream land, and then rushing around like a headless chicken, trying to get everything done before you fly out the door. Let me make this extremely clear. Even if I know I’m sounding more like my mother every day. Waking up tired to the sound of an annoying alarm clock, hitting that snooze button multiple times, and then rushing out the door without even having time to fuel your body, that’s the purpose of breakfast, you are creating the problems that will now face you for the rest of the day.

So what am I suggesting instead. I want you to create for yourself a happy, relaxed, productive day, where you have a positive mind and an energised body right from the start.

The magic is to programme yourself to get up one hour early. Yes that right, one extra hour in the morning can and will make such a significant difference to your day ahead, as well as your life.Getting up an hour earlier than you normally do. Now don’t pull that face! I don’t know you but I do know what your initial reaction is. You are questioning my sanity! You’re about to give up reading my blog, because I’m suggesting something so impossible! But am I, or perhaps am I giving you the key to unlock your potential, to now be able to achieve so much more than you ever have before. Am I not giving you an uninterrupted one hour ‘MY’ time! At this time of day you will have your own private time. This is the time of the day that is truly your own private time ‘Me Time’. You will now have one hour, every day, to programme yourself for success.

You have to make it a priority in your life. A great start to the day will make a huge difference to you. Eliminate any excuses, give it a go, and get started creating your perfect morning each morning. I call it my Morning Power up Session. Give it a try and see the difference it can make to your day


Your overall health improves when you treat your body to habits that stave off stress and support a balanced lifestyle. Here I give to you the first step of my morning power up session:

GET INTO CENTRE – Tune in your mind and body. It’s like pressing the starter motor of a car. Within five minutes of waking, you will have gone from the early morning brain fog, to an alert, powerful fully functioning brain, with a strong and powerful body. You’re going to feel like you can walk through a wall, internally in an excited voice you’re going to say ‘come on, bring the day on!’

BREATHE – Breathing correctly will flush out the bad energies and inhale fresh and positive energy. Every cell and organ will benefit from you breathing in fresh oxygen and removing all that nasty stuff. Concentrate on your breathing. You have to breathe to live. When was the last time you noticed, how you breathe? Breathe in deep through your nose, exhale it completely out through your mouth, Bring it in and out from your diaphragm.

MOVE – Get your muscles and joints fully oiled. Give them a stretch. Neck, arms, shoulders, chest, back, move down to your butt and your legs. . Now how about getting out and do a power walk, or go out on your bike, maybe even pull out your exercise machine in your garage. Get your heart and lungs pumping. Move your body. Purposely, with power. You’re now a winner no more slouching, no more ambling.

GRATITUDE – The act of focusing with gratitude on everything you have in your life. and then using those positive thoughts to create a happy, productive day will calm your mind and create energy for your day ahead. Cut out the negativity, we can all find troubles in our lives, things not going as they should. We’re the best at seeing these. But now find the good things. You found one a minute ago. Your breathing, so you’re alive. Now start to live, make each and every day better than the one before.

AFFIRMATIONS – use positive affirmations. Tell yourself positive things, such as “I am a winner’, ‘I am a great person’ whatever words that will highly charge you, motivate you, that will get you into a confident and positive state.Please don’t tell me you like telling yourself, how you can’t do this or that, how you weren’t meant to …, how you’ll never … Stop! That’s no longer you! Get positive, compliment yourself, be who you want to be.

VISUALISATION – Get a mental picture of you achieving your GOALS. See the day ahead working out brilliantly for you. Hey, your choice, morning television, yawn, or watch a video in your own head of your new wonderful successful life. Welcome to the big screen. Step on and watch yourself go.

MULTIVITAMIN – Nutritional supplementation is a good source to ensure you receive all the vitamins and minerals you need for a correct daily allowance.

DRINK WATER – Your body needs to re-hydrate, especially after being without fluids all night. And just tell yourself you love the taste of water, keep telling yourself and eventually you will. How do I know you don’t. Because as a fitness trainer I’ve heard it 1000’s of times, and once upon a time, I thought wrongly that I didn’t like it either. Your body needs water right through the day. So get started.

That’s all there is to it. So achievable in 30 minutes, an hour if you want. What a difference it will make to your life. .I spend 30 minutes doing that, then I still have time to do three more things before I start my ‘normal day’

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My name is Larry Lewis, Health & Wellness Life Coach, Founder of Healthy Lifestyles Living, contributor to the Huffington Post, recently featured in the Sunday Mail Newspaper and somebody who went from being an owner of a chain of gyms and fitness fanatic, to a visually impaired overweight and incredibly sick person. Read about my illness to wellness story.

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