Planting The Seeds and Watching The Fruits Of Our Labour

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Planting The Seeds and Watching The Fruits Of Our Labour

Today, I know I’ve lost my Marbles.

Sometimes in life we come to realise when we have reached momentous moments in our lives. Today is one of those days in my life. Yes really, I know I have completely lost my marbles, I’ve gone totally nuts and I’m sure I’m about to be rushed off to get some much needed mental care.

How do I know this? Well I’m about to write about Gardening. Anybody that knows me would realise not only is this a subject I know absolutely nothing about, but that also I have no interest in whatsoever. So why am I doing it? It’s not my fault in truth, I’m going to point the finger, Mary Hudak Collins is in fact totally to blame.

Let me explain.

I’m about ready to launch my The Power of Passion Course. I’m truly excited about it. It brings together everything I am and everything I know, and I truly believe it will be empowering to those that join it. It’s going to change lives, and elevate me as the personal development blogger I want to stand for. You can say I’m a man on a mission – to make the difference.

When I speak to Mary, which happens often, there is one subject, where her passion comes over loud and clear, gardening. I cringe normally. You could as well be speaking to me about knitting. Sorry people but neither subject do it for me.

But, as always the way with me, my mind takes over and thoughts just go round and round, and the processing is automated, and ding dong, the light bulb turns on. Let’s use this to demonstrate the power of passion.

Do you know what a gardener does? They watch the seasons. They plant according to which plants will grow at which time of year. They observe and make necessary changes and it takes several years to really get things growing and developing to the way they want it to be. It is a labour of love. But in time it pays fruit.

Mary is very passionate about gardening. If it’s a beautiful day outside you can bet she’s going to be working outside in her garden! If she’s not working out there, I have this feeling she’ll still be out in the garden on a fine day viewing the results of her work , enjoying her garden and perfect lawn and flower beds, tinkering around making sure everything’s just perfect.

She puts in so much time and effort making it beautiful. It is the perfect example of total passion and commitment. Every time she talks about her garden you can see a smile that spreads right across her face. Sometimes she lapses on her time management program I set up for her but hey, we can all easily get lost in our passion.

To me there are two kinds of people in the world, the ones that go with the flow and those who are passionate about something. If you have passion for something… you are either living it or you are trying to find a way to live it.

Not to long ago Mary’s life reached a crossroads. Maybe like many of you she asked herself a question, “What am I going to do with my life?”

She knew something had to change. She has three very strong passions. These are cooking, gardening and her family. But her decision was led by her calling, by the journey created for her by her daughter Michaela and her health issues. You of course can read about these here and at Mary’s personal blog at Allergies and Celiac. And this is what brought her to blogging, and eventually to now being part of the Healthy Lifestyles Living team.

When we were chatting yesterday about my forthcoming course, and some coaching I’m doing with others at the moment, Mary was mentioning the number of people already asking her for her advice about how to make money online. We both know how important what we are doing is, and how this course will change lives. It’s scary really.

We both have people, particularly bloggers, asking for our opinion on business opportunities online. Many have been “burned so many times in the past they just don’t know who to trust”. Sound familiar? That’s why what we are offering is FREE, yet we are going to give so much. Not just lots of chat and nothing substantial.

For Mary having discovered her passion for blogging and now being in a position where she can see she will earn a very liveable income things are getting very exciting. She will be proof that you can take all your passion, and a commitment to a work ethos, and build a business.

We are going to build more and more proof that the way ahead for people is to do what you love. Discovering and living your passion can be rewarding, and we’re going to prove it. We think that’s a pretty good battle cry, join our team, and let us help you prove that you can build a profitable business around your passions, and we’ll do our part for free.

Do you really understand the power of passion. It’s what motivates you! It’s what makes you smile!

Whether you believe we are your best way forward or not, please, do not let another moment pass you by before you take the time to find out, what you are passionate about. That is your starting point, and I assure you it’s a life changing question.

Try this one:

What unfulfilled dreams do I still have and how can I achieve them?

Take this moment to sit back and remember what makes you smile. Find your true self and be your true self. Pursue your passion with passion.

The truth is, your one true passion can actually spur a variety of money making business ideas, believe me I know.

Let me say this another way. Once you know what your passion is, you’ll easily identify business ideas that you can build around your interests, hobbies, and natural abilities.

What we believe in is helping people to find their passions, to transform their lives. Once they have succeeded in doing this, we will teach them how to start and grow profitable businesses that make a positive impact.

Let me say unequivocally, I believe, absolutely, that ANYONE can make money with their own business online. The key is to make sure that what they choose for their business is something they are passionate about. If they are passionate about what they do, their natural enthusiasm and motivation will lead them to develop ways to exploit that passion in a way that can generate income.

In my opinion, the secret to success is doing what you love. You have to be passionate about it. I’ll take it a step further: I have never met a truly successful person who was not fired up about their work. Take a look at the icons in business today. My icon is Richard Branson, this guy has so much money, he don’t have to work another minute of his life, but he does because it turns him on, he loves it.

Hey even you gardeners out there could do it. Come join us and I’ll help you develop loads of ideas. Just writing this has given me loads of ideas for you. And I’ll even get Mary to give you some gardening tips. Don’t ask me, because I couldn’t tell the difference between weeds and flowers, one day I’ll tell you a true story to prove that.

No matter what your passion, there is absolutely no reason in the world why you cannot take that passion and convert it into a money-making enterprise, particularly online.

So, for those of you looking for the right next step, come join us, to first find your passions, then next to pursue the business that fits who you are..

We promise to encourage you to follow your dreams and pick you up when you stumble.

Foot note: I had to check Mary was ok with this, and she knocked me out with what she said to quote “This is a great article and parable. It all flows together, planting the seeds and watching the fruits of your labour, so satisfying and gratifying, all at the same time”

The Power of Passion course might be just the spark you need! This will start really soon. It’s going to be FREE. Places will be limited. So get your name down. Email me at to reserve your place.

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About the author: Larry Lewis
My name is Larry Lewis, Health & Wellness Life Coach, Founder of Healthy Lifestyles Living, contributor to the Huffington Post, recently featured in the Sunday Mail Newspaper and somebody who went from being an owner of a chain of gyms and fitness fanatic, to a visually impaired overweight and incredibly sick person. Read about my illness to wellness story.
  1. Larry, if you had published this yesterday, I would have been typing with dirty hands LOL. We planted numerous trays with seeds, in preparation for transplanting to the garden after the last frost. I will keep them inside until then, pampering and nurturing them until they are strong enough to survive on their own with the occasional watering.

    Much like your program Larry. You will plant seeds, pampering and nurturing them until they are strong enough to survive in the world of the internet, but being available to give the occasional watering they require. You will keep them safe from any ‘frost’ that may happen throughout the year. When it is all said and done, you and your clients will be enjoying all the fruits of the labor, year and year again 🙂

  2. jan says:

    Sounds exciting, I know what my passion is but getting money for it is not a goal for me….I know I am pretty weird, but that is the truth. You are an inspiration and so is Mary, great folks you are.

  3. Judy A Murphy says:

    Hi Larry,
    This all makes sense, and will be very helpful for all who get involved, providing they can fog a mirror, and want to see changes and improvement in their lives. The Power of Passion, is what to sign up for, and people should plan to experience avenues untraveled by many folks perhaps even themselves. From my experiences, since meeting you I can assure people a refreshing slant on life, nothing ventured, nothing gained! Why wouldn’t they check this out, this may be the beginning of the rest of their life! Bonus no out of pocket MONEY! Thank You Larry for all your time and help!

  4. Baldychaz says:

    Hi stranger sorry not been around lots of stressors due to life! I’m still chasing my dream and writing when I can or ain’t to tired to see the keyboard.

  5. Cheziannhe says:

    Hi Larry…I am really honored to read your inspirational post here…Anyway, passion sometimes is the key to success and as they say, if you love what you are doing, you will have a good outcome….

  6. trisha larken says:

    This is what I have been telling about and now I stop ,I’m glad you have awaken the fire in me. Passion is what drives us to do great things. You will never be tired and lazy if you are passionate in what you are doing. Don’t think of getting rich, but do things that you are passionate about and money will follow you.

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