You Were Born to Be Brilliant

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You Were Born to Be Brilliant

I had a conversation yesterday which really highlighted for me a weakness in the mindset of many. I believe you were born to be brilliant but embedded deep within many people’s souls, is a profound saddening or heaviness that transfers into their everyday existence. They are holding on to so much darkness within. Those negative thoughts that run through their minds, transfer through to both their body’s and souls and impact their lives.

I love writing this blog, and in fact am scheduling things so I can get back to it seven days a week, because I love the impact I believe I have on many that read what I have to say. The truth is I believe my purpose is to provide a seed of light that can shift a problem to a solution by showing you where to focus your attention.

The only limitations on your life are the limitations you place on your life by how you think. By changing the way you think, you alter the way you feel, and this gives you the ability to re-create your life and make your life what you want it to be.

Changing how you think changes how you act and therefore changes your life. Your brain develops automatic activity from every single experience, through thought and emotion. The words you speak to yourself will determine how your brain processes information. You need to take conscious control over your mind so as to take your life in the direction you want. Why is this important? Because, when we fail, we fail largely because of our own self-limiting thoughts.

Get actively involved in changing how you think, and I promise you, your life will improve dramatically. We have all heard the old saying; “Doing the same things and expecting different results is insanity”, but so many people are doing that. They work harder and longer without changing their thinking, and then they wonder why they are not being successful. It’s a no brainer, and hopefully, reading it again, well this time maybe the penny will drop.

I know the article I wrote about your inner saboteur got a lot of people looking deep within. It got my various message boxes alive with questions, and I love this. When I can get you to start realising where you are sabotaging yourself, and help you to take action I feel inspired. You see it’s not all about me inspiring you.

Back to the conversation I started this article on. This guy admitted that he frequently through his life sabotaged opportunities when they showed themselves:

“It’s like that little saboteur that you were talking about he is stuffing up everything good I get close to. It’s like I am punishing myself and making sure that when I am close to doing something amazing it blows up”.

Well to him, and to all of you that have a tendency to do the same, I say this, at this point in your life you need to examine your thinking and take an inventory of what is serving you and what is holding you back. In order to achieve success you may need to change your way of thinking, some of those things that you learned may not be completely accurate. As time goes by and you experience any type of success you will add those experiences to your mindset that will influence your success in the future. Be aware of your thoughts and analyze them objectively to determine if they are serving you or holding you back.

But once you know what you’re doing, that is only the first step. Now you have to do something about it. You have to make the change. The biggest change that I will tell you frequently is to start believing in yourself and what you can achieve. You are all capable of being, doing, having anything you put your mind to. But you have to believe 110% that you can, no doubts.

So do you dream about your success? What do you dream about? How vivid, and detailed are these dreams? How frequently do you have them? Are you ready to turn these dreams into reality? I’m going to share a valuable secret with you today that will help you to unleash your potential.

It is not the amount of money you have in the bank today that is holding you back; it is not a lack of business opportunities; it is not the people around you; it’s not your environment; it’s not your age or your sex – it’s your mindset. It’s your way of thinking about you, your situation, and the world around you that’s stopping you from having everything you want.

I want you to start dreaming. If you want to realize your dreams its time to change your way of thinking. And I mean a radical makeover of your mindset. A complete paradigm shift to your thinking





Every person is born with great things to perform. But finding our great things proves to be one of life’s greatest challenges. Many don’t find them because they settle for much less. It’s now time for you to turn your dreams into reality and become successful.

This was Larry Lewis

My next blog post will look at creating the life of your dreams.

See you then

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My name is Larry Lewis, Health & Wellness Life Coach, Founder of Healthy Lifestyles Living, contributor to the Huffington Post, recently featured in the Sunday Mail Newspaper and somebody who went from being an owner of a chain of gyms and fitness fanatic, to a visually impaired overweight and incredibly sick person. Read about my illness to wellness story.

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