Take Some Time Out – ‘Me Time’

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Take Some Time Out – ‘Me Time’

Do you want to know a secret formula for success? Are you ready to read a solution to your life’s woes?

Once I give you the answer you will need to commit 8 to 10 hours a week, plus one weekend a month for the rest of your life to doing it.

Ok here it is … take time out from your work. Rest up.  Give yourself some precious time to recharge your batteries.

Yes you heard me right. I’m talking about rejuvenation time, quiet time, alone time, personal time, self-care . . . ME TIME! You deserve it, and you need it.

No matter how busy your life is, everyone needs to get some balance in life, finding time for relaxation, remembering to take care of themselves. Everyone needs to take time out to look and feel their best!

Every now and again you have to just take time out from your busy schedule, before things begin to get on top of you, and take time out to unwind and recharge your batteries.

“Most people are so busy knocking themselves out trying to do everything they think they should do, they never get around to what they want to do.” Kathleen Winsor

In today’s fast-paced society, most people feel that they don’t have enough time in the day. They find themselves rushing around from one thing to the next, not stopping until the day is over. The easiest sacrifice people find themselves making is to not take time for themselves. Yet for both our health, and our success we need to give ourselves time to sit quietly, to think, and to recharge every single day.

You know that you are taking a huge risk with your health by over stretching yourself at work and under-committing to your own health, family, friends and your pursuit of pleasure. It’s so easy to lose sight of what you really want out of life because there are so many demands placed on your time, you rarely have time to stop and even think about it. But you have to start right now.

So many people spend so much of their life trying to make money to survive that they totally lose track of where they want to go with their life. They live life as if it were one giant emergency. They’re always running in the fast lane, until their health causes another type of emergency.

Most of the time you don’t have a moment to even enjoy life, you they find yourself moving along the tidal flow of daily work.  The simple problem is that there are only 24 hours a day, and you simply can’t do it all. You have to start making choices about how you will spend your valuable, limited time. Whether you like it or not you have to start taking time out.

When was the last time you allowed a day that you did no work at all? The last time you thoroughly enjoyed yourself completely?. Finally ask yourself ‘Do you want to live a life fuelled by passion or one where you just never have enough time to get anything done?’

So please, do yourself a huge favour, start giving yourself enough quality time for yourself. Give yourself a chance to find balance in this hectic world by taking time out of your busy schedule and make an appointment with your self.

Take a break from life and shut off the mobile phone and close the lid of your lap top so you can rejuvenate your senses and better manage the pressures of working life. By doing this you will relax and be better able to handle your work when you go back to it.

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About the author: Larry Lewis
My name is Larry Lewis, Health & Wellness Life Coach, Founder of Healthy Lifestyles Living, contributor to the Huffington Post, recently featured in the Sunday Mail Newspaper and somebody who went from being an owner of a chain of gyms and fitness fanatic, to a visually impaired overweight and incredibly sick person. Read about my illness to wellness story.
  1. Jessica Brant says:


    Guilty as charged.

    It’s hard for me to just do nothing, sitting back and taking time for myself never seems to be an option.
    I want success in life so I try harder then I should at times.
    I will implement your suggestions and keep you abreast of what the over all outcome is.



    • LarryLewis says:

      Jessica – all work and no play. Like me i know what you are doing excites you. It is your passions now releasing themselves, and this energises you and keeps you going. But you will be amazed, by just letting yourse;f get away for 24 hours, how much better you’ll be when you go back to it

  2. Thank u for this wonderful and inspiring post…I do take time for myself..but not to find peace within myself..these days I have been telling my Mom that I need to get away for a couple of days,alone.with no mobile,and no laptop..just be with myself…and try to find what I am searching for.

    • LarryLewis says:

      Alpana – you then know what needs to be done. You have to make it happen. We all need time of solitude and reflectioin. We need to go deep within to come out with answers.

  3. sulekha says:

    Great minds think alike Larry 🙂 I had written an article on Me-time a couple of weeks back. Sharing with you here.


    Share your thoughts…

  4. Very necessary and timely, Larry. Why we even treat machines with greater respect than our own bodies, minds and souls!

    • LarryLewis says:

      Corinne – i know a guy that eveery sunday spends about 12 hours cleaning and stripping down his motor bike, It is a weekly habit. Yet he does nothing for himself to clear his mind of all the stress he has, and certinly doesn’t look after his body, no exercise and garbage when it comes to his food intake. I’ll keep nagging him, i mean advising.

  5. Larry, taking time for myself, well…that just doesn’t seem to happen much until I just have no choice. I guess I could say that the time I spend reading other blogs and writing for mine is ‘me’ time. That is when I am actually sitting down and relaxing for the most part…until I start to stress over not getting posts done in time LOL.

    • LarryLewis says:

      Mary tut tut, blogging isn’t allowed to stress you. It should be your de-stressor. I also look at my reading of other blogs as part of my relaxation time. I give myself an hour to visit all my friends and other blogs. Then maybe a little like you i think i’d better go do some work. Seriously, please, i beg you, make time for YOU.

  6. Anna Sides says:

    Great post Larry! I will heed your words. Please don’t forget to stop by my blog and pick up your award 🙂

  7. JIm Brandano says:

    How many of the really good ideas can be found in sayings that have been around for years.. Just stop and smell the roses lol
    Great post thanks for reminding us!!!

  8. LarryLewis says:

    Savy – it is so easy for us that care about others, to forget to care for ourselves. You keep reminding me, and ill keep reminding you.

  9. Grady Pruitt says:

    I usually take some me time, though I’ll admit I haven’t done as much in the last couple of weeks. I need to make sure I am making time for it. I have been doing some meditation, but I also need to remember to take a little time off to “enjoy” life.

    thanks for sharing!

    • LarryLewis says:

      Grady. Like me i know you are building a brilliant blog and online business. You’re a talented guy. And will go far. But you have to alwaays remember that your health has to be looked after more than anything. If you full unwell who posts on your blog. Who leaves comments, basically who takjes care of business. It is that ‘me time’ that ensures you can always be present in your business. Look after yourself mate so nothing stops you from creating what you desire.

  10. Jemex says:

    Me for one is having a hectic schedule. Even now, it is weee time already. But work is a must.
    I think it is time I get a vacation.
    Yup I also meditate before I start my day. But one cannot ignore the pressure. This is my problem. I cannot deal it easily. I sacrifice rest just to come up with the reports.

    • LarryLewis says:

      Jemex – we all know how important it is to build our business, we also know there is nothing more exciting than doing it. But our health matters more than anything. And unless we build in dsome ‘me time’ into our schedules we are heading for problems. You do yourself no favours by sacrificing you and time for relaxation. There is no point having lots of money, when bad health stops you from enjoying it.

  11. Arun San says:

    This is truly one inspiring article. I used to have a hectic life style. Over the last two years, I have taken regular breaks from work and this has helped me a lot. This has also made me a lot more happier.

    • LarryLewis says:

      Arun thank you for the complement. There are times in life where we just need to stop, and take things easy, and maybe do things totally different. I respect you for knowing when that time was right for you.

  12. Evon says:

    Thank you Larry for inspiring me, in behalf of my busy schedule you remind me something important into my life, and that is missing to me right now.

  13. Cyndra says:

    I can’t agree more with you! This is so true.. I really enjoyed stopping by here.. Keep up the good work!

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