Not taking Responsibility

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Not taking Responsibility

Are you a product of your circumstances? Has the path your life has taken been determined largely by forces beyond your control?

We as human beings often show a terrible weakness by not taking 100% responsibility for ourselves, our behaviour or our actions.

You are solely responsible for all the choices in your life. So you are doing yourself no benefit by looking to blame others or circumstances for the things that are not right in your life.

Has another person ever tried to make you feel guilty for something? They’re playing the blame game.

It’s a common trait for some to blame other people for their circumstances or their unhappiness. They end up complaining to anyone who will listen.

After a time it comes apparent to everyone around them that they blame everything bad that happens to them on someone or something else.

In all situations in life, you have the freedom and choice to choose how you will react and what actions you will take.

If something is not working in your life, instead of blaming others, look at what you can do to resolve the situation and take responsibility for making the changes.

Alas so many don’t take responsibility for their actions, they simply pass the blame.

Remember, when you point the blame finger at someone else, you are also pointing three fingers backwards towards yourself.

I will never blame anyone for my life or the results I achieve. Because the truth of the matter is, that in laying blame on others, you are giving someone else the power to impact your life in a massive way.

The outcomes of your life are the result of the decisions or lack of decisions you have made either at a conscious or subconscious level

Taking responsibility is one of the critical ways to accomplish and grow in life.

When life bears down on us and exerts pressures, we can respond positively or negatively. Those who respond positively, who take responsibility rather than blame others or are indifferent to the situation, set the stage for great positive responses from life.

Throughout our lives, we are confronted by external pressures. It is how we react to them that determine our level of accomplishment in life. Those who take responsibility when problems arise — perceiving their own limitation or weakness relative to the problem — accomplish greatly. Those who blame others or simply ignore difficulties to begin with, stagnate and achieve less.

Every day, in so very many ways, people from all walks of life avoid taking responsibility for their actions, using denial and obstructive tactics.  We grab for a victims mentality.

Having a victim mentality, blaming external circumstances for your problems, believing it’s not within your power to change, is the surest way to avoid improving your life.

This is demonstrated by these sayings that are etched into our vocabulary.

  • The Blame Game
  • Pointing the Finger
  • Passing the Buck
  • It’s out of my hands

When you are pointing the blame finger at someone else, who or what have you given your power away to? We often end up blaming others, as it is easier than actually taking action and taking responsibility ourselves.

Playing the blame game never works. A deep set of research shows that people who blame others for their mistakes lose status, learn less, and perform worse relative to those who own up to their mistakes.

Once you stop blaming others then you are in a better position to move forward and to learn from your mistakes. We all want to avoid mistakes and do things well, but when things go wrong you should embrace the moment as an opportunity to learn and do better next time.

Taking responsibility of our own thoughts, emotions and actions is empowering!  It means we are able to step back from a situation and view it from a different perspective.  We’re able to look beyond ourselves and see an alternative way of thinking – an alternative belief.

To change what’s wrong in your life, you must believe you’re the one in control. Don’t blame, complain, or criticize. Accept full responsibility for everything in your life, whether you caused it or not; even external problems can have internal solutions. Taking responsibility for your life will empower you, foster success, and heighten self-esteem, all of which lead to increased happiness.

I know life doesn’t always work out as we want. At times it feels like you’ve been kicked in the teeth. At times you may be right. You may lose something that is completely precious to you. When you look at how things come about you can point the finger, you can blame the other, or you can blame yourself. I’m sure you’ll even cite every circumstance to give you reasons. But how long will you waste playing the blame game.

You must in everything you do make decisions to move your life forward, not allowing yourself to fall down at any hurdles. Resolve things if they can be, but don’t waste time blaming, blaming, blaming. Life’s too short.

You know what you want to be, do and have … make it so.

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About the author: Larry Lewis
My name is Larry Lewis, Health & Wellness Life Coach, Founder of Healthy Lifestyles Living, contributor to the Huffington Post, recently featured in the Sunday Mail Newspaper and somebody who went from being an owner of a chain of gyms and fitness fanatic, to a visually impaired overweight and incredibly sick person. Read about my illness to wellness story.

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