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Life Has Its Ups and Downs … Enjoy the Roller-coaster Ride

Life Has Its Ups and Downs … Enjoy the Roller-coaster Ride

Life can feel like a roller coaster ride, and I want you to climb into the front seat, throw your arms in the air, and enjoy the ride! There’s no getting away from the fact that life is full of ups and downs, as well as twists and turns…but success depends on how you choose to approach the ride.

One day we can be sitting on top of the world and the next day we can be hit with a major problem that we do not know how to deal with. You feel that you are swaying unsteadily on a tightrope between one extreme and another, the good moments and the bad. Dealing with life’s ups and downs is like being on one big ride on the roller coaster… it can make you dizzy, can’t it?

How you handle your ups and downs is up to you.

I see life as being filled with many exciting twists and turns. I have to be brave enough to take risks, face my fears and be hungry to find success in my life. I hope you choose to do the same.

“Life is like a roller coaster. It’s one wild ride, but worth every second!” Unknown

Recently I took my daughter to Alton Towers. She loves roller coaster rides. The bigger and faster the ride the greater her adrenaline rush. She would stand in line for 40 minutes or longer just to get on a ride that lasts 30 seconds. The excitement and anticipation kept her going and the time just flew by. I remember her screams of excitement and the look of fear on her face right at the start of the ride.  As the roller coaster set off  her palms were sweating, her heart beat pumping so loud as her cart slowly climbed uphill,  the thought of the approaching downhill scared her intensely. Then the ride really got going. As the roller coaster speeds up, it drastically falls down; it curves and turns upside down. On this roller coaster there were many ups and downs, the ride pushing upwards to reach a pinnacle only to be plummeted down a hill at breakneck speed, without much time to breathe in between. The roller coaster scares her, but she doesn’t let her fears over power her.

If only more of you could approach life in the same way.  Just like the Roller Coaster Ride, before we reach the ecstasy of the success we are targeting for in life, we are faced with fears, unnerving feeling and doubt of the risk we are taking with us in the ride. When we let ourselves submit to our fears, we are letting fears take away our potential success.  If we want to achieve success, we have to face our fears.  Unless we do, we’ll be forever locked into our own failures.

There isn’t a challenge that we cannot overcome. Even though challenges may appear impossible to conquer at times, believe that it is possible and know you can find a solution. That’s what living is all about – we are consistently being presented with situations that challenge us, make us grow, teach us, and make us better people. Without challenges, life would be pretty boring.

When you feel overwhelmed by apparently unmanageable circumstances, remind yourself that, you can only see a small glimpse of the big picture of your life. You don’t know what’s around the corner, and you certainly don’t know how things are going to map out. Success in life comes to those that face their difficult circumstances head on and refuse to give up. No matter how many times you fail, resolve to get up and continue to follow your dreams. Just stay on the rollercoaster ride. There will be times the ride knocks you off your feet and leaves you reeling, but you must always continue on your path.

“Life is like a roller coaster, live it, be happy, enjoy life”. Avril Lavigne

So lets’ accept that life is like a roller coaster ride.  You start moving forward; a little bit hesitant and shaky as you set off on the journey. Next, you start climbing up, then drop down, up again, then down. In fact there are a lot more ups and downs on this ride. There are some wild corners and you even get turned completely upside down a few times. Some parts of the ride will be frightening. Other parts of the ride are exciting and exhilarating. You begin to wonder whether you’ll ever reach the top. Soon you start to think, “Oh God, when will this end?!” I can’t take much more!

So we now know life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and down sharp turns and unexpected moments. Things will not always work as planned, they don’t always go our way.  There’s always a different thrill, scary but with so much promise and so rewarding. We have to be patient and persistent, stay on the ride, and just enjoy it, until you reach your destination. No matter how difficult this ride is, no matter how fast the ride, no matter how many loops, the roller coaster ride has the glorious end. Just like your life if you keep pursuing your goals.

“Live life fully while you’re here. Experience everything. Take care of yourself and your friends. Have fun, be crazy, and be weird. Go out and screw up! You’re going to anyway, so you might as well enjoy the process. Take the opportunity to learn from your mistakes: find the cause of your problem and eliminate it. Don’t try to be perfect; just be an excellent example of being human.” Anthony Robbins

Hang on tight and enjoy the ride!

Please share your ideas for making the most of all the twists and turns of life. Comment below.

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