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Find your Path in Life

You need to find your path in life and it isn’t as easy as it sounds. The journey of life has always held a fascination for me. The twists and turns. My longing to make a difference to the world. To leave behind a legacy driven by my passions and by my pursuit of my life dreams.

I want to ask you a question today.  Have you ever had one of those moments? You know, a moment when everything just seemed right and life felt so good.

There are certain moments in our lives that shape our future.  They put us on a path to the career, relationship or purpose that is destined especially for us.  These defining moments may come to us completely unexpectedly, or they may come to us at our beckoning, like a vision in a meditation or an answer to a prayer.  When they show up, they cannot be ignored or denied.  When they show up, you will know it.

Defining moments are very much like ah-ha moments.  They are those beautiful split seconds of time when a thought strikes us that is so profound that we know it has been within us forever, yet it seems that we are seeing it clearly for the very first time.  It is like finding buried treasure? They feel like a light bulb moment, when you just know without a doubt this is right for you.

Without a doubt every-one of us has experienced emotions of unhappiness, discontentment and frustration. Many of these feelings arise because feel lost and without direction with respect to life. When we are on the wrong path we find ourselves living a life that is empty and shallow of purpose and we find ourselves withdrawn from life; when we are wondering where we went wrong and if this is all there is.

We cannot control our path in life, but we can get lost and lose our way. We may end up in a different place then we are meant too, but we can always find our way back. It is dependent on whether you choose to do what feels right to us or if choose you to ignore it because you are trying to live the life you think you should be living. When we follow our instincts and listen to our heart, we will always know which path to choose. So if in your past you lost your way, know you can find it again. Know that with an open our heart and an open mind, you can begin to follow your path and find your destiny. By letting go of control and your idea about your future, you can instead exist in a way that allows your destiny to slide into your present with you.

This article today was inspired by a conversation with Loddy Micucci. He is someone you will get very familiar with because he will now be a regular author on this blog. I’m sure he won’t object to me revealing a little about him, although not too much because I’d rather leave that to him. At one point, he was journeying down a path covered with weeds, heavy brush and rough terrain. He was fighting his way through every step until one day he stopped fighting.  He let go. He realised life shouldn’t be this tough.

He felt that nagging tug in the depth of his being, that to get where he wanted to go, to find the right path, he must change, and change he did.  Sometimes change is about taking the road less travelled, sometimes it is about going back and beginning again, accepting that you’re currently on the wrong road, other times it is about letting go, and letting the right path find its way to you.

He proved it is possible to find the right path. The how, well truly that isn’t the difficult part. All you firstly have to do is acknowledge that you are on the wrong path. Then accept that to transform your life you must just let go and change your intentions. When you do things will then start taking you in another direction.  When your intention gather speed you will begin to see changes in your life.  Circumstances will draw towards you that will help you move towards your true new path. And that’s how it will happen. The difficult part, you have to let your intentions be released, and stop holding yourself back. Have faith, trust in yourself and your gut feelings.

Let me conclude todays post with a poem, not my own, that would be far too much of a miracle:

Your Dimension Of Greatness

No one can know the potential,
Of a life that is committed to win;
With courage – the challenge it faces,
To achieve great success in the end!

So, explore the Dimension of Greatness,
And believe that the world CAN be won;
By a mind that is fully committed,
KNOWING the task can be done!

Your world has no place for the skeptic,
No room for the DOUBTER to stand;
To weaken your firm resolution
That you CAN EXCEL in this land!

We must have VISION TO SEE our potential,
And FAITH TO BELIEVE that we can;
Then COURAGE TO ACT with conviction,
To become what GOD MEANT us to be!

So, possess the strength and the courage,
To conquer WHATEVER you choose;
That is destined FOREVER to lose!

~ Author Unknown ~

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About the author: Larry Lewis
My name is Larry Lewis, Health & Wellness Life Coach, Founder of Healthy Lifestyles Living, contributor to the Huffington Post, recently featured in the Sunday Mail Newspaper and somebody who went from being an owner of a chain of gyms and fitness fanatic, to a visually impaired overweight and incredibly sick person. Read about my illness to wellness story.
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  1. loddy micucci says:

    Larry thank you for the introduction. The way you lead us into realising how powerful the choices to stay on the right path is very masterful. Living life on the right side of the river is easy for some people and they breeze through life. This is not the case for most people. The question is why? When you dig deep into your soul the answers will present themselves. It’s a process of self discovery, living in the positive emotions and learning to love who you are.
    This allows you to find your passion and work towards achieving your life’s purpose.

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