Dare To Dream, It’s Your Opportunity For A Better Future!

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Dare To Dream, It’s Your Opportunity For A Better Future!

Have you stopped dreaming because you fear disappointment, you now lack any belief in who you are and what you are capable of? Have you settled for mediocrity?

We all have dreams. We have a mass of wishes that alas we allow to stay no more than wishful thinking. So many of you just put up with a life that you find hard, that offers very little happiness. As you get older, and more battle weary, you learn it pointless to dream. You accept your life, and don’t waste any time even day dreaming about other possibilities. Yet most of you want a life that is at least a little better from the one you’re living right now. Yet you think it better not to dream, why build up your hopes, just to be disappointed further down the line. There’s probably a lot more that you want in life, but unfortunately you don’t believe any longer that you can achieve any of it. Why? Why give up on your dreams? The truth is you can turn your dreams into reality, you just must NEVER GIVE UP!

Dreams never die, they just lie dormant inside. You know deep down inside of you that you still hold on to a dream or two and it still stays alive in your heart. Seize your day and work hard every day to make your dream a reality.

This article won’t bring an over night radical change to your life. Miracles don’t happen overnight. They take time. But for now, start to realise the worth and value of your dream, and this time never give up and make an effort to explore your dream. Remember if you want something badly enough and you try hard to achieve it, no force of this world can stop you from achieving it.

I could have dwelled on all the reasons someone like me couldn’t become a successful online entrepreneur and blogger. Instead, I discarded those 101negative reasons why I wouldn’t be able to do it. The one thing I had going for me was my fire inside of me, my passion.

As unrealistic as my goal might have seemed to others, I held on to the belief that we don’t need to know how something is going to manifest, we just have to trust that it will. Then put our energy into making it happen.

There are no big secrets to making your dreams come true.

But there are certain elements found in every dream realized. They are:

  • The belief in yourself
  • Complete desire for the dream
  • Masses of passion
  • A lot of hard work
  • And Never Giving Up

It has been said that whatever you can dream of, you can achieve. So believe your dreams are achievable and go put in the effort needed to make them work.

Take the following steps toward pursuing your dreams:

1. Be specific about your dream. To create the reality that you want, you first need to dream it. You can’t consciously create what you can’t imagine. So get specific about your dream, start using your imagination, visualise it, create the video in your mind. See exactly what it is you want to do, be or have.

2. Turn your dream into a burning desire. Once you know exactly what your dream is you now need to create the burning desire in your heart. You now need to 100% believe you can achieve this dream. Once you have the belief, then its no longer just a dream, it becomes a true possibility. The how doesn’t matter at this point, just believe you will find the way. Now you can open your mind up to the awesome power of your creative imagination. Let it now help you find the way. Just ensure you believe it can be done and that you can do it.

3. Turn your burning desires into goals. With the right mindset and proper goal setting, there is nothing you cannot have, cannot do or cannot be. It is simply a matter of identifying what you really want. It is easy to look at your dreams and think only of the obstacles in your way. If you focus on goal setting instead, you can have the aspects of those dreams that are really important to you. Find the goals within your dreams, and you will find that those goals are attainable.

4. Create a strategic plan of action. You will need to create a strategy for the accomplishment of your goals. Reaching your goals can be challenging if you have no map to follow. Create action steps to follow. Identify a critical path. The critical path defines the key accomplishments along the way, the most important steps that must happen for the goal to become a reality

5. Take action now. Once you have turned your goals into a plan of action, you need to take action and make the most of every opportunity that will come your way. Action is an amazing thing, no matter what needs to get done, nothing happens unless as individuals we DO IT. Take small steps and you’ll find that one step leads to another, then the next. “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

6. Be confident; Have no doubts in yourself what so ever. Work on your motivation daily. Allow your Dream to be at the fore-front of your life, the “core of your being”. It will motivate, inspire and energise you by giving you a sense of purpose. Only you have the power to kill your dream. Nothing is impossible to the person, whose vision becomes a dream and when that dream is allowed to take control over your life.

7. Review your progress regularly. Review your strategy and progress from time to time. Evaluate your strategies and tactics. How effectively are you progressing down your chosen path? Are you getting the results expected and what you desire? If not, try another approach. Check:

  • If you have achieved your goals for that time period.
  • If you still have a desire to follow your dream.
  • If you have deviated from the path toward fulfilling your goal.

8. Don’t Surrender to Negativity. I’m too old, a woman, have no money, no resources, no contacts”. Challenge them. Nothing is impossible to the person who has the desire to succeed. As the proverb says, ” where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

Use the above steps and work towards your dream with all your focus, concentration and confidence. Your goal will become a reality sooner that you could have ever imagined.

Your dreams are your strength and drive. Just remember, you don’t have to know how you will achieve your dream, just believe it possible, and let this belief empower you!

What is your dream? Do you think you will achieve it in this lifetime?

“A dream is an inspiring picture of the future that energises your mind, will, and emotions, empowering you to do everything you can to achieve it.”

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About the author: Larry Lewis
My name is Larry Lewis, Health & Wellness Life Coach, Founder of Healthy Lifestyles Living, contributor to the Huffington Post, recently featured in the Sunday Mail Newspaper and somebody who went from being an owner of a chain of gyms and fitness fanatic, to a visually impaired overweight and incredibly sick person. Read about my illness to wellness story.
  1. This post truly lifted my spirits and spoke directly to me this morning. Yes, I have a dream to get my book published, and your words lit a fire in me to go for it in a way I have not yet.
    Thanks so much, Larry, for this inspiration!

  2. Thank you for inspiring me again, Larry. I don’t want to give up my dream – writing, publishing, touching lives……..I’m so glad we’re all journeying together.

  3. lewys davies says:

    Great post and a really inspiring read, keep up the awesome work and reach our dreams together

  4. Larry, I have very specific dreams and am being very active in working towards them! I’m hiped and ready to go, as always 🙂

  5. Lilach Bullock says:

    Great post Larry. I think one of the characteristics of an entrepreneur is the ability to dream. I’m always dreaming and hoping to turn those dreams into reality – which I know will happen:)

  6. Really loved this blog post and what was so nice was being able to listen to the podcast. This is an awesome way to get your message into the world and something we are setting up ourselves. Chris & Susan

  7. Carl Ashton says:

    Larry, i LOVED this post!

    the audio was so refreshing and really nice content, really great stuff!!


  8. lewys davies says:

    this is a awesome blog post and the audio was brilliant! we need to dream and we need to dream big. keep it up


  9. Mae Maagad says:

    Never surrender to negativity…I really like this line. Thank you for a very inspiring post. For me, my lack of self-confidence keeps me from pursuing the things that I really love to do. But I’m doing my best to overcome it. I have to be a better person if I want to realize my dream.

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