Never hold back when you’re dreaming

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Never hold back when you’re dreaming

With the New Year fast approaching you get to make a fresh start for the year ahead. I know many of you will be hoping to make 2013 your best year ever.

This past year for me has been an extraordinary and unforgettable one. The momentum of everything I’ve achieved has come from the dreams that I have always carried that guide me.

We all have dreams. Yet, for many of you, your dreams have become so veiled in the frustrations and routines of daily life that you no longer remember what they even were. You have lost them. With the disappearance of your dreams, you lost your will to shape your destiny passing control to external factors leaving fate to determine your destiny.

Well it’s time you allowed your dreams to come alive again once more, and then never give up on your dreams, because you can bring them to fruition.

There are big dreams and small dreams, all of which can bring you joy and success. Life changes when you bring a big and bold dream to the front of your mind, without limits. Start imagining what you would love! Any all the possibilities it will bring to your life.

Never hold back when you’re dreaming. This isn’t the time to worry about “how” or “why”, this is the time for “why not”. If your mind can create it, then the possibility is absolutely there for you to achieve it.

Every successful person’s greatest achievement began with a dream. They had the belief to make their dreams come true. They had a dream, they saw it in their minds eye every day….and worked really hard to make it come true. They realised that you must never hold back when you’re dreaming.

We all want to believe deep down in our souls that we have a special gift, that we can make a difference, that we can touch others in a special way, and that we can make the world a better place. At one time in our lives, we all had a vision for the quality of life that we desire and deserve. What a tragedy it is when we let this go, and no longer have anything exciting driving us.

When you start to let your dreams reverberate through your mind you will start to see things fall in place.

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney

Walt Disney was a big dreamer. He was driven and fuelled by his dreams. Dreams that move us forward can be achieved with passion and purpose. Walt Disney’s dreams inspired the world, touching every one of us. Your dreams can lift you to unbelievable heights.

The first step to making your dreams come true is simply to dream…..and don’t put limits on them, anything is possible.

It’s often been said that when you truly set your mind on your dream, the right people, places and events will show up to help you on your way.

That is exactly what I see this blog being for you. As time has gone by, more and more of my love for personal development has shone through. I see this being a place where the dreams of others can start to come true. What a powerful aspiration for a blogger like me. To be able to use my knowledge, information and encouragement to make the difference. But how did I get to this point?

I am a 50 year old motivational speaker, personal development coach, physical fitness instructor, blogger and entrepreneur who launched Healthy Lifestyles Living some two years ago. I am extremely blessed to have created a business and lifestyle around my passion, and have dedicated my entire life to helping others achieve their highest potential and live their best life.

As I have written many times before, Personal Development came into my life from the age of thirteen and has ever since played a major factor in everything I am. It took my sister’s death to finally remind me of my long held dream.

From then every morning I asked myself “What one thing could I do today that would make a positive difference in my life and the lives of others?” “How can I possibly make a difference?”

I started to realise that there would be no better way for me to make money than doing what I love and what I am passionate about? I hated the feeling that I wasn’t utilising my potential and talents to the full and letting life pass me by. I wanted to do more with my life than just earning money and paying the bills.

I knew I had the choice of taking my life in the direction of my dreams. I could choose to make the difference. I remembered sitting in an auditorium for four days watching and listening to Anthony Robbins and thinking to myself I want to do this, I want to empower others. It was my dream.

To live an extraordinary life doing what I love and am great at, working in the places and with people that I can inspire and being well paid to make an impact on the world. Just seeing this in my mind filled me with joy, meaning and excitement.

I set about on the journey to bring my dream into reality. Things moved fast. With my life coaching qualifications and NLP training now secured on top of my existing fitness trainers certification, I was well on the way. I was already taking on clients in my life coaching practice and providing stress management workshops and seminars for a variety of groups and associations.

Then I found Steve Pavlina’s blog and my path became even clearer to me. I read his “About Steve Pavlina Page” and it inspired me to see blogging as a key way for me to catapult my dream. I realised that the internet was a very powerful way to get my message heard and be known as a motivational personal development coach. Blogging then came my life. My dreams all started to come true.

Putting into action the ideas of what a life spent living your dreams — can be very empowering. Suddenly, you will see opportunities where before you only saw problems. Once my quest became to restore my dream and to make it real, I have not looked back. Now I am fulfilled from helping others to feel better about themselves and their lives. I achieved this because I had the courage to follow my dreams. I now do make the difference.

Your dreams never stop shaping once you let them reverberate throughout your mind, body and soul. Another big influence for me was the book “The Secret.” I found myself talking about it all the time, introducing it into people’s lives. I started seeing myself introducing it to more and more people through way of some form of school. Then I met Loddy Micucci. There’s a dream taking shape, that in a year or two will be born into reality. Dreams are a powerful catalyst to your life, so start dreaming once again.

Remember to get what you want in life never give up, you often have to just give your dreams a chance to empower you and your life.

Ask yourself have you given your dreams power through visualisation, giving them the space to grow in your mind, or did you long ago just forget all about your dreams. Well please I beg you to understand their power, and decide to never give up on your dreams .

The great tragedy of life is that so many people go to their graves with their lives unlived. They never act on their dreams. Don’t be one of these people any longer!

Share your dream with me! I love getting feedback. Don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog too, via the comment luv feature here on the site.

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About the author: Larry Lewis
My name is Larry Lewis, Health & Wellness Life Coach, Founder of Healthy Lifestyles Living, contributor to the Huffington Post, recently featured in the Sunday Mail Newspaper and somebody who went from being an owner of a chain of gyms and fitness fanatic, to a visually impaired overweight and incredibly sick person. Read about my illness to wellness story.

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