The Ramblings Of A Blogger

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The Ramblings Of A Blogger

This blog post is just the ramblings of a blogger, ecommerce shop owner and personal development coach trying to determine the right way forward for his already relatively successful business.

It started as a personal journal entry which I then decided to share.

Do I want to make my mark as an on-liner? Yes I do. But I know that’s not all. In addition i want to become someone who can show others how to turn their life around after adversity, a life coach who wants to share his experiences, knowledge and skills to better other people’s life. Or is it as someone who has learned the way to make money on line by building a business around his passions and then showing others, teaching them and helping them do the same.

My business partner Neil would probably say focus on doing just one. But that’s not so easy. My passion for healthy lifestyles has led me to create ecommerce shops where I sell products that help people to be healthier. Through one I sell health supplements which enable us to make a descent income. We are about to launch a new range with products I really believe in. People who meet me never believe I’m 51 years old. They think I’m early 40s. They say ‘I look great for my age’. Exercise plays a big part as has a healthy diet, but I know a huge part has been because of the supplements I take. I call them my anti ageing elixirs and I’m going to bring these to the market. This is important to me because I hate seeing the decline in people as they age. Their deterioration is remarkable and as their physical self declines so does their mental side and these two things are tightly associated. I know these products can change lives so I simply have to continue in the development of this. But I don’t just want to be a shop keeper because that’s not who I am. Yet it does allow me to make the difference which is what I’m all about and it does make me a good income, but that’s not enough.

There’s also my racket shop. I’ve always loved sports and have in the last 6 months become obsessed with badminton. Anyone looking to gain the benefits of a healthy lifestyle needs to be exercising and playing sport’s is a great way of doing this. It fits perfectly with the niche we are in and the industry I have grown up in. I see this site blossoming in the rackets arena but also as a great place to offer novel fitness routines how to get fit. So again it feels right but not fulfilling. That is where this is so strange. Having ecommerce shops perfectly fitted to my passion both with unbelievable potential yet its not enough. Neither though would I consider letting either go.
I also know that in the not to distant future I will love teaching others how to make money online. It frustrates the ass of me seeing so many people trying but ultimately failing to do this. So many work so hard trying everything they can but to no avail. I want to show them how easy it can truly be.

Let me give you a simple example.

Step 1. Find your passion

What is it you love to do, could talk about all day, find yourself drawn to it all the time. You’re naturally going to have a wealth of knowledge on this subject.

Step 2. Build a platform

Once you’ve found your passion create a site where you can share your knowledge, link to fantastic resources you find elsewhere and through written articles, videos and audios show your passions to the world.

Step 3. Contact companies associated to your passions and tell them what you’re doing and show them how you can market them differently and show a win win scenario.

I know when I get back I’ll be reconnecting with Tactic sports who produce fantastic badminton rackets including the racket I now use myself. I have no doubts I’ll be doing something special with them because I know they wont be able to say no. You need the same mindset. Here is a key piece of advice don’t go to wholesalers but directly to manufacturers.

4. Build an ecommerce store

Time to make money from your passions. Take the products you have agreed to sell from the company you contacted and place them in your very own store. You can of course also look at the likes of Amazon, Ebay and Play but don’t forego your own site

5. Build a members area

Create a place where others interested in this area of your passions want to interact and learn more off you.
But this isn’t a post about making money online. Its my own personal ramblings or as Loddy Micucci would say I’m masterminding with myself.

My life went on a wild hard roller coaster ride. I lost everything. There’s no doubt in my mind that there’s a hidden reason behind everything that has happened to me. I believe I had to suffer failure and find the road to recovery so ultimately I could use my god given skills to help others do the same. Personal development and self help has been a big part of my life since early teens. That’s also no coincidence. Nor was the feeling watching Tony Robbins on stage for four days that I wanted to do something similar. Its my destiny to help others recover from failure, to restore belief in themselves and get them to plan their life forward. If once having done this they choose to do it online then that’s where the next part of my and their journey can go together.

So have I now worked out my business plan in a way.

1. Continue with my slim express ecommerce shop selling diet supplements such as Proto-col Thermo Slim and Energy elixirs like Green Magic.
2. Add a small anti ageing shop onto healthy lifestyles selling the Pure range of anti ageing products
3. Bring the racket store to completion and focus attention to fitness programs around racket sports. Highlight my favorite brand as only a blogger could.
4. Build my never give up site at Larry Lewis. This to me is key to everything I want to stand for. I want to offer myself as a life coach for those who want to pick themselves up after failure. I believe by doing this I will be fulfilling my mission.

I want to be the man that never gave up who teaches others to do the same.

I believe in 12 week’s I can help change peoples lives around. On a 1-2-1 basis I would normally charge £1,200 for this. But those I want to help wont be able to afford this during their troubled times. So I’m offering this at £600 broken up to three payments of £200. That should make it more manageable. But for those that still cant afford it I’m going to build a community. I’ll charge £29.95 and we will meet in a Google hangout every week where I will teach a lesson I’ve learnt. There will be a Facebook group where we can interact together and I can try to answer some of your questions. In addition I will build a resource of things that have helped me. Once we have got you to a point of no longer hankering for what you’ve lost instead thinking about your future you will be able to join the mastermind group at £59.95 where not only will we get you to produce your life plan but get you started on taking actions to bring it about. I’ll also be publishing my Never Give Up book. Maybe someone will buy it.

Well there’s my plan… the ramblings of a passionate guy. Let’s see how it turns out in 2014.

Do what I’ve done take the time to think about what you’re doing and determine what exactly it is you want to be doing.

What business plan have you got for 2014?

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About the author: Larry Lewis
My name is Larry Lewis, Health & Wellness Life Coach, Founder of Healthy Lifestyles Living, contributor to the Huffington Post, recently featured in the Sunday Mail Newspaper and somebody who went from being an owner of a chain of gyms and fitness fanatic, to a visually impaired overweight and incredibly sick person. Read about my illness to wellness story.
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  1. So glad you decided to create this blog. You’ve been such a help to us your readers.

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