Who Said It Was Too Late?

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Who Said It Was Too Late?

Do you have more regrets than you have remaining dreams? Well who said it was too late? As I wrote the other day I came to blogging and creating my online business late into my 40’s, but it is a decision that has so benefited me, and is producing the lifestyle of my dreams. I truly believe that anyone in their midlife can still make the decision to go full steam for their dreams.

The conventional wisdom that as people get older they should slow down, take things easier and lose their spark is completely flawed. Please read my words here, getting to 50 does not mean you are over the hill, and that you have to give up on making your dreams come true.

My passions are no less than somebody 20 or even 30 years younger than me, and it is these that have propelled me forward. I now experience new challenges every day bringing me excitement every single day of my life. My life is driven by sheer passion and I can assure you my ‘old age’ doesn’t slow this down one bit.

In yesterday’s article I wrote about the many over 50’s who have lost their jobs or been downsized in the current economic down turn. They’re facing long term unemployment competing against people half their age. Yet there are probably just as many fighting an equally difficult emotional crisis feeling stuck in a job they hate, going through the motions trying to hang in there until retirement. Is that any way to live?

I am advocating a midlife transformation. I meet so many people my age or older who can’t get past the attitude that the best years of their lives are over. They don’t accept that sixty is the new forty, or fifty is the new thirty. Well I’m telling you it is. And if you don’t want to miss out on a fantastic time ahead, I suggest you take heed of my words. I may be about to be 50, but I feel no more than 30. You still have so much to give, and I’m also telling you there’s even more that you will be able to achieve.

I’ve watched my mother deteriorate over the last few years. Her condition worsens month by month. As old age has caught up on her, this once vital intellectual woman has disappeared inside her own mind leaving some child like sweet thing in her place. Knowing she is a hostage in her own mind, I find at times devastating.

For a woman of my mum’s intelligence it is a great tragedy on the things she had to give up on throughout her life. Being born into an East End working class family, she had to go out to work and refuse her offered place at university. Then later in life the number of sacrifices she made as a mother for her three children never stopped.

She always remembered those big dreams. But she never had the choice having to put them on the back burner so she could get a job and then raise a family. And now it’s too late.

We all know someone who gave up on their hopes and dreams far too soon. Don’t abandon yours without giving it your very best shot.

I believe that if you let your dreams die, you will always regret it. If you let life and circumstances push you around, you’ll never forgive yourself. If you let life pass you by, see what life will be like for you in your old age, feel how deeply you will regret on the things you’ve missed out on.

My mother and her missed opportunities, her foregoing of her dreams is a strong motivator for me to ensure others don’t miss out on their opportunities. Life is too short not to follow your dreams. Realize you can do anything in life as long as you are motivated.

Would you like to lie on your deathbed and think “Hey, I wanted to work more at the job I hate.” No, that never happens. Everyone wishes they did something different. Everyone has regrets and dreamed of what could have been.

So lessen the number of things you’ll be regretting, make those changes in your life right now, go after your dreams. If you don’t try to follow your dreams, they’ll end up falling by the wayside. And then your life will only end with sorrows and regrets. Is that how you want life to be? Is that how life has been up to now? Life is supposed to be fun and exciting. I, for one, refuse to let life slip through my fingers. I love chasing my dreams, living my passions, and having fun doing the things I love.

My advise to you, is first find out what your passion is, in other words what you think about most of the day and really love doing. Then find a way to do that. You can do anything you set your mind to. Finding what you are truly passionate about and then finding a way to build a career around it will be the most awesome thing you ever do.

I consider myself lucky. I am in my 50’s but have a clear action plan and possess the right mindset, time management skills with passion and determination to get to my life goals.

You are going to likely spend close to half your adult life working. Why would you want to work doing something you truly did not love? Finding your passion and building a business around it is going to make that time much more enjoyable.

Life is too short to not follow your dreams and passion.

Do what you love, as long as you can.

Don’t wait for ‘the right time’ because that right time may never come. Every moment you delay, is another minute wasted.

I ask you now – are you living the life you want? Do you wake up excited to start your day?

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About the author: Larry Lewis
My name is Larry Lewis, Health & Wellness Life Coach, Founder of Healthy Lifestyles Living, contributor to the Huffington Post, recently featured in the Sunday Mail Newspaper and somebody who went from being an owner of a chain of gyms and fitness fanatic, to a visually impaired overweight and incredibly sick person. Read about my illness to wellness story.
  1. MaDhares says:

    It is better late than never…This is what I always say whenever I am always late at school and work before…But I stay inspired with this post here…

  2. Judy A Murphy says:

    Hi Larry , The course is definitely needed, people tend to fall in the trap, of 40 hour week job. I experienced the repercussions of lots of regret with my first husbands beliefs. Mind you they were right up there with what the standards are, go to school, get an education then get a JOB, stay till you can get the gold watch and thank you for your life handshake. Well he started hating his job about 10 years in, things just kept changing, till he felt he was just a number I said, “get another job something you’d like”, he’d say,” I’m 10 years older,” (which made him the ripe old age of thirty-nine)”where could I find a job with the benefits I have here”)I said, “i don’t care what you end up with, we’ll make it work, even if we have to pick fly dirt out of pepper, your health and happiness means more than the stress you’re under”. Crap just continued, he was unhappy most of the time, Guess what, he never did get the handshake or gold watch, he went out on forced disability in 1999 with cancer,which by the way feeds on stress. He had served 27 years of his life,doing shift work, being in a bad environment health wise, and looking for retirement to do the things that he would enjoy. I may sound a little bitter, but how can you enjoy a terminal diagnoses, running to doctors, hospitals, chemo and radiation treatments, surgery on a colon, then a year later, a 6 and a half hour surgery to remove half of his liver, that by the way didn’t work, because the MIR didn’t show a big complication that made the surgery impossible, he was sewed up and sent home. Five months later one more hospital trip was made, when he died in June 2000 If he would have understood whats being offered in the power of passion course, just maybe things could have been different!

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