Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired

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Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired

Are you someone that has felt unwell for longer than you can almost remember? If it’s not one thing it’s another. From colds and headaches, to infections and a host of other illnesses. As a result you often feel lethargic and fatigued, absolutely no get up and go, and you’re now desperate to find solutions.

You are starting to get more and more stressed out about it. You’re distressed by what’s happening to you. It’s not that you can put your finger on a major cause, nothing untoward has happened, there’s no specific reason behind what’s happening to you.

You think you’re alone, things like this only happen to you. You’re desperate to just feel normal again, you can’t remember what it feels like to feel healthy and energetic.

You’ve been backwards and forwards to the doctor. Had blood tests galore, yet nothing turns up. Medically, if it wasn’t for the symptoms you are fine.

You are sick and tired of being sick and tired. You’re sick and tired of visiting doctors, tired of medications and injections. Tired of being ill. Tired of cancelling plans, of staying close to home and having the need to explain why you’re not feeling well.

Rather than wake up most days tired of being sick and tired, don’t you really deserve to wake up in the morning feeling rested, energized and looking forward to the new day? Of course you do.

How many days have you felt well over the last year?

You can learn the steps to good health, but your first step to achieving good health is really all about you being proactive and choosing to be well.

Yes I’m saying you have to make the choice to be well.

It certainly isn’t going to be easy.

During this century, the life expectancy for the average person has increased by 60 percent  currently, the average life expectancy is slightly more than 76 years. It becomes even more important therefore to do something in order to live more of these years with good health.

How many days last month would you consider yourself to have been in good health? I don’t know your answer but I guess not enough as you’d want.

Many illnesses are curable and may have only a temporary effect on health. Others, such as diabetes, are not curable but can be managed with proper eating, physical activity, and sound medical supervision.

Let’s be very honest here. Your first port of call needs to be a doctor, but I’m sure you’ve already been there. There is a strong possibility that your lifestyle is not helping you. Modern living comes with two very unhealthy conditions. The first is life out of balance. Where much of your time and energy is focused on making a living or paying the bills, and this comes at the cost of your family life and social time, as well as your health. Then there’s the stress that we live under. Neither of these are going to protect you from illness.

Let’s face it, if you’ve been ill for a while, there is a strong possibility that your current lifestyle is not good.

A good state of health can be achieved by implementing some fundamental lifestyle habits.

  • You’re going to have to sleep more, about 8 hours a day is highly recommended.
  • Many of the doctors I speak to, advise cutting caffeine out … so that means no more coffee.
  • You need to establish a quality work/life balance.
  • Use your first 30 minutes of the morning wisely
  • Of course you’ve got to begin eating better
  • Then there’s exercising more
  • Deliberately relax so as to fight off your stress

Perhaps this needs to be your starting point. Determining how good or bad your lifestyle actually is and working out for certain what needs to change.

Assess your activity. How much physical activity do you get in a typical week? How intense is that activity? How much variety do you get in your activity, and how much do you enjoy it?

Keep a food diary. Write down everything you eat, when you eat it.  Don’t miss anything off for guilt. Include everything you drink, whether coffee or tea, alcohol, even water. You can’t change what you’re not aware of or don’t acknowledge. Try and record calories (MyFitnessPal is an awesome app for this).

Recording your activity and your food will enable you to determine your Calorie Consumption and Expenditure. Are you eating more calories than you are using? You don’t want to be, unless of course you want to gain weight.

Record the number hours sleep you get each night. You really need between 6 to 8 hours nightly.

Every night you should assess how your mood has been. Are you mainly positive or negative, stressed or relaxed. Give yourself a scale of 1 to 10.

How many hours a day do you spend working? Against how many having a social life, being with your family, chilling out?

Keep checking these things for a week. Keep a journal of it all. At the end if you’re not happy with the answers, remember that the point is to figure out where you are today so you can set yourself healthy lifestyle goals. It’s not about being “good” or “bad,” “right” or “wrong.” Right now its about what are you doing, because once you know for sure you can make the necessary changes.

The next step is to ask yourself, of the ones that can be improved, which aspect am I ready, willing and able to change? This website has loads of advice on what you need to do to live a healthy lifestyle. You now should know whether yours is good or bad, and be willing to change what is needed.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired follow through and check yourself and your lifestyle over the next 7 days.Then start making the changes.

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About the author: Larry Lewis
My name is Larry Lewis, Health & Wellness Life Coach, Founder of Healthy Lifestyles Living, contributor to the Huffington Post, recently featured in the Sunday Mail Newspaper and somebody who went from being an owner of a chain of gyms and fitness fanatic, to a visually impaired overweight and incredibly sick person. Read about my illness to wellness story.
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  1. Ben Flack says:

    Hi Larry, thanks for your informative article. I always manage 8 or more hours per day, I feel healthier for it!

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