7 Ways To Recharge Yourself

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7 Ways To Recharge Yourself

How busy is your life?

How exhausted do you feel most of the time?

The hectic lifestyle many of you are living is having an incredibly negative effect on your physical, mental and spiritual health. Your mind, body and soul are in great need of recharging.

It is essential to find ways to renew and recharge your energies and bring your body, mind and soul into alignment. If you don’t do this for yourself, life’s going to be hard when you’re dragging yourself around with a total lack of energy.

In this post I want to give you ideas on how to recharge your life, things that give you a new lease on life, refresh you, recharge you get you feeling great.

1. Cleanse Your Body by a Detox

I love to deeply clean out my body by flushing out my system once a year. I go through an intense week detox incorporating an all fruit and vegetable diet, and of course lots of water.

Not only have I found this an awesome way to recharge my systems, boost my energy levels, improve digestion and it also helped me rid a few unwanted pounds too.

Never forget, healthy eating can never be a bad thing!

2. Get Sufficient Restful Sleep

When you don’t get enough sleep your health is going to suffer. The easiest way to restore health is to get rest and sufficient sleep. Getting enough sleep is a key to enjoying our lives. Getting good sleep has many extremely positive effects on the body and brain.

Most people require 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night, but only your body knows for sure. Once you find yourself walking up feeling rested without the need for an alarm, you’re probably getting enough sleep.

3. Kick Negative Thinking Into Touch

You need to purge your mind of all that negative thought that so often clouds your thinking and brings you down. One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to purify your mind.

You have to take control of your thoughts and no longer allow negative thinking to run riot in your mind. Positive thinking is good for your body, mind, and overall health. As a majority of our stress comes from our thoughts a major benefit of positive thinking is a major reduction in stress.

4. De-clutter your space

Take the time to prepare your work and home area by cleaning out all rubbish, debris and all those things that will distract you. Have you noticed how stressed you feel when everything around you seems to be in disarray. Clutter is another major cause of stress in our lives, so when we de-clutter our lives improve dramatically both physically and mentally.

So whether it’s your home, work space or even your car give them a good tidy up and get everything sorted into the right place. Then just feel the stress reduction this will bring you.

5. Make time for yourself

Guess what, you’re important. All those things you’re having to do in your busy life keep you from doing things for you? In fact you often make yourself the last priority.

However, it’s essential that you take care of yourself on a regular basis by taking time for ‘you’ to allow yourself to renew and recharge both your health and energy.

Make the time to do those things you enjoy because you will end up happier, healthier and feeling better. “Me” time allows you to de-stress, unwind and rejuvenate. Try it for yourself and feel the benefit.

6. Be in the present

Being in the present means focusing on the now, be aware of what you are doing, feeling, and thinking. When all you can think about is the future, and constantly worry about whether you’ll ever achieve those goals of yours, or create the life you hope for you’ll always see the now as being of no importance, so you;’ll just let time pass you by.

You will miss everything happening around you especially those beautiful moments. Live in the present moment so as to enjoy every day so you can experience the here and now and not let life pass you by. This will bring you a calmness that will help to recharge yourself.

7. Get away from negative people

Staying away from negative people will make your life much easier to deal with. You know already that negative, unhappy people have one ability and that is to bring you down. Their negative moods and words are like a toxic poison to you.

Letting go of any negativity in your life will help you to recharge and so you have to step away from the influence of these negative people.

Instead you need to surround yourself with positive people who will lift you up and recharge your life.

I hope that you see you have complete control over your life and therefore you yourself can take the action needed to recharge yourself.

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About the author: Larry Lewis
My name is Larry Lewis, Health & Wellness Life Coach, Founder of Healthy Lifestyles Living, contributor to the Huffington Post, recently featured in the Sunday Mail Newspaper and somebody who went from being an owner of a chain of gyms and fitness fanatic, to a visually impaired overweight and incredibly sick person. Read about my illness to wellness story.
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  1. Thanks for this. Good thoughts. I’ve heard them before but it surely doesn’t hurt to hear them again. Especially time to mellow out and just chill.

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