Are You Worried About Dementia

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Are You Worried About Dementia

If like me, you’re in the over 50+ age bracket then a question I would like to ask is are you worried about dementia? We’ve all heard about dementia but are we overlooking the symptoms and do we have that ‘it will never happen to me’ attitude when it comes to this illness.

Seeing my own mother stricken down by Dementia, month by month deteriorating, losing her mind, until she seemed more like a baby, totally dependent on others was an incredibly humbling and saddening experience. To then connect with others, who have gone through the same thing with one of their loved ones, but who were now obsessed with worrying about this dreadful disease coming their way was very concerning.

Dementia seems to be an umbrella term used to describe a variety of illnesses that cause a decline in mental ability. As well as affecting memory, dementia is also associated with mood changes, confusion and problems with communication, perception, reasoning and understanding.

Dementia is defined as an abnormality of the brain which affects thinking ability and interferes with a person’s activities of daily living. What ever you define it as, I do know it is a horrible thing.

Alas Dementia is becoming incredibly common, particularly with the increase in life expectancy. With the amount of publicity now growing around the subject is there any surprise that more and more people are becoming alarmed at the risk to them of this happening to them. With the fact that we are told that there are an estimated 800,000 people in the UK) and that number is expected to double within 30 years, of course many will be pensive for themselves.

The alarm bell in your head raises as you seem to become increasingly forgetful. When you’re trying to write something and suddenly you can’t find the word you’re looking for. Perhaps you’re in a conversation and start talking about someone but you can’t put a name to them. Getting ready for work in the morning and you can’t remember where you put your car keys. All of these type things happen to all of us, they’re normal, although annoying, but when your mind has begun to think of the possibility of dementia, well suddenly they carry a far more worrying message.

I’m 52 now, and as I get older I do find that at times memory loss does occur. But I also know that often it can be down to thinking about to many things, and certainly affected by stress, tiredness, or certain illnesses and medications. This can be annoying if it happens occasionally, but if it’s affecting your daily life or is worrying you or someone you know, yes you should seek help from your GP but don’t put yourself through the torture of jumping to the conclusion that it’s dementia. Surely there’s enough for you to worry in life without giving yourself such a big thing to fear..

If you are worried about dementia, you’re not alone. Nearly two thirds of UK adults are worried about it, according to a poll commissioned jointly by Alzheimer’s Society and Saga Homecare.

63% of UK adults say they are worried about dementia in some way (while 24% said they weren’t worried)
61% are worried about either themselves or someone they know developing dementia in later life

Yet despite their fears, and only 21% thinking they have a good knowledge of dementia their fears, less than a fifth (16%) of people want to know more about the condition.

I find these statistics just as frightening as that thing they fear. I believe that we need to focus on our possibilities and opportunities, rather than our fears. Most articles I read on this subject would now start telling you to adopt a healthy lifestyle, including eating right, exercising and employing relaxation techniques to reduce stress. I of course advocate the very same, but I believe everyone should be doing this, and not just because you’re worried about dementia.

My question to you today is should you be wasting time thinking about something that may never happen, and that if it does you have no control over it, or focus your mind on what you want to happen for which you have complete control even though it may take a lot of effort.

To me life is to short and way too important to be worrying about what may be. We as human beings do tend to waste so much of our lives away by worrying about things.

I know that what I don’t want is to get to my final days and regret when I look back over my life the things I didn’t do. Worse still would be to regret the time I wasted and the anxiety I build by worrying about things. My attitude is what will be, will be and while I am able I will do the things that matter, making every second count. Isn’t this the way you want to be living life?

When I speak to elderly folk the biggest impression I get is that they would like to have all the time back they spent fretting anxiously about the future. So please don’t let this be what you think when your time is nearly over.

Worrying is simply a complete waste of your precious and limited lifetime. Worrying will solve or stop nothing, so there’s no point doing it. Instead start thinking of the things you’ve yet to do in your life. Let me give you a fantastic exercise that will give you much clarity of the things you’re yet to accomplish that will provide you with a driving force for your future.


So take some time out and build these lists. Then let them motivate you to action, and no longer allow yourself to fret your time away worrying about those things that may happen, and please don’t allow Demetia to steal your time away, particularly if you don’t have it, Dementia that is..

Dementia was responsible for the decline and eventual death of my beloved mother and my way of fighting back against it is helping you not to let the fear of it stop you in your tracks.

As a life coach I love helping my clients cut away their negative inner chatter, and support them in creating their dreams and taking action to make them happen. So before to many years escape by, start taking affirmative action and kick your worries into touch. If I can be of support to you, why don’t you check out my free hour coaching session together with the other benefits I want to offer. There is no payment for that, and if you decide to go further on your life journey with me I guarantee it will be the best investment you’ve made for a long time. Do something today!

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