The Mind, Body and Soul Connection

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The Mind, Body and Soul Connection

Stress is on the rise, there is no doubt about it.

More and more stress-related medical problems are surfacing every single day.

Doctors surgeries are crammed full with patients suffering from stress related illnesses.

Financial stress, relationship stress and job stress are taking their toll on more and more people’s physical health and emotional well-being.

A great Master once asked one of his students to pursue not only his academic studies but also his spiritual studies – so that he could learn the importance of improving his character and performing good endeavours.

The student replied that his diary was too full and he couldn’t possibly do it. Then, he looked at the Master and comprehended that the Master’s schedule was far busier than his own.

Realizing his dilemma, he asked the Master, “How do you do it Master? How do you have the strength and stamina to work as hard as you do?”

The Master replied, “Every person has both a body and a soul. It is like a bird and its wings. Imagine if a bird were unaware that its wings enabled it to fly, they would only add an extra burden of weight. But once it flaps its wings, it lifts itself skyward. We all have wings — our soul — that can lift us as high as we need go. All we have to do is learn to use them.”

Once we channel our physical energy into soulful pursuits we will create a meaningful life, one filled with the sense of purpose, energy and vitality that reflects true health. The mind/body/soul connection teaches that each one of us is blessed with unique talents and special gifts in life, with which we can help to make the world a better place to live.

The mind/body/soul connection teaches us that we can and must unite our body and soul in the pursuit of these noble and transcendent goals.

When we get our mind, body and soul connection into balance, stress will no longer affect us. It will clearly become a thing of the past.

What do I mean when I keep referring to mind/body/soul?

The Soul, or Spirit, is that inner part of ourselves which inspires our life. It can be seen as our Conscience, our Higher Self, a connection with the Universe.

The Mind instead is partly our Conscience plus Memory, Intelligence, Feelings, Emotions and Subconscious. It controls every part of our body and our reactions to the outside world.

Our Body is the vessel for both our Mind and Soul, it’s our physical part and it’s also the mean by which we interact with the World.

The Soul inspires what we should do, like the driver who decides where he wants to go. The Mind takes the inspiration and finds a way to achieve the Soul’s goal, like the steering wheel. The Body performs what has to be done, like the car which takes the driver to his desired destination. So we need to look after the mechanics of our bodies, treating them as we would a well maintained car!

So, the Soul says what, the Mind finds how, and the Body does it.

At the heart of living a healthy lifestyle it is imperative to get the right connection between the three. Let me put this in a simple way.

Your Mind, Body and Soul connection is at the centre of your Healthy Lifestyle Living.

Your Body or Physical You requires:

  • The Right Nutrition,
  • Appropriate Weight,
  • Being Physically Fit and Exercising,
  • Receiving Adequate Rest,
  • Proper Stress Management.

Your Mind or Emotional You requires:

  • self-supportive attitudes,
  • positive thoughts and viewpoints,
  • positive self-image,
  • give and receive forgiveness,
  • love and compassion;
  • laugh and experience happiness,
  • joyful relationships with yourself and others.

Your Soul or Spiritual You requires:

  • inner calmness,
  • openness to your creativity,
  • trust in your inner knowing.

Since the entire YOU, meaning all aspects of ones self, must work in harmony to achieve wellness, you need to put balanced energy into each aspect of yourself.

Here’s a checklist of things to consider towards living a healthy lifestyle on the quest for balance between mind, body and soul.

Physical You

  • Where’s my balance with my physical needs?
  • Do I have adequate sleep? Or do I regularly burn the candle at both ends?
  • Do I eat a balanced diet or am I careless about basic nutrition?
  • Is my physical exercise program adequate and appropriate for my age and stage?
  • Do I take care of my skin, protecting myself from sun damage?
  • Do I have a regular health check?
  • Do I play,rest and relax as well as work?
  • How’s my posture? Do I breathe properly?
  • How’s my sexual health and balance?
  • Do I have good support systems to sustain me?
  • When did I last move my body freely and with the enjoyment of a dancer?

Emotional You

  • Where’s my thinking at?
  • Do I stay open to learning?
  • How about my self perception?
  • Do I regularly exercise my mind?
  • What habits prevent authenticity?
  • Do I rest my mind by practicing creativity?
  • Do I clean out my illusions and stale beliefs?
  • Do I release my thinking through regular meditation?
  • Do I freshen up my attitudes, questioning my bias and judgments regularly?
  • Do I accept the validity of my feelings?
  • What are my constant fears?
  • Do I respond rather than react?
  • How well do I know myself?
  • What about my self esteem?
  • How do I handle self pity?
  • Do I both give and receive love?
  • Where are my emotional blocks? What negative patterns hold me back?

Spiritual You

  • How do I feed my soul?
  • Do I regularly seek out beauty?
  • How often do I go out in nature?
  • How do I handle silence?
  • Do I listen to my intuition?
  • Where do I find meaning for my life?
  • Do I trust myself?
  • Do I connect with my soul?
  • Do I appreciate myself?

I am EXTREMELY passionate about pushing myself to becoming my absolute best. My energy is spent learning how I can lead myself in powerful ways and help others in the same pursuit. I pursue excellence and challenge myself to consistently grow, mature, and learn new things and to pursue my highest potential.  I want that for YOU too.

This blog is intended to help inspire and empower you to live your life full of purpose, passion, and meaning! In 2012 I hope to take this to the next level. Time will tell!

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About the author: Larry Lewis
My name is Larry Lewis, Health & Wellness Life Coach, Founder of Healthy Lifestyles Living, contributor to the Huffington Post, recently featured in the Sunday Mail Newspaper and somebody who went from being an owner of a chain of gyms and fitness fanatic, to a visually impaired overweight and incredibly sick person. Read about my illness to wellness story.
  1. You have given me some great questions to ponder on…thanks a lot once again.

  2. Anna Romano ( Franca) says:

    What a thought provoking post , like Alpana many questions to ponder and on and answer honestly thank you Larry,

  3. jan says:

    A lot of questions, a lot to contemplate. thank you.

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