Learn to Manage Stress to Create a Fun and Healthy Lifestyle.

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Learn to Manage Stress to Create a Fun and Healthy Lifestyle.

During my morning blogging hour (of reading all my email, reading my RSS feeds, and of course blogging and all that involves) I came across Robin J Psychic post Catch me if you can! Robin makes the argument that constant stress is part of our current reality. Eventually it reaches such a level that we cannot take another step because everything is so overwhelming, everything is so chaotic, everything is in our face, we go to sleep and words and thoughts scramble to compete with each other. At this point, he tells us to ‘STOP right now STOP’ and take a breathe.

In this article ~link has been removed~, he says ‘Sometimes we do not notice when our lives go up a gear or the moment when the doing over takes the simply being. It is not until our bodies, overloaded, start to crumble and our minds overworked, start to unravel do we think “I need to slam on the brakes”. We live in a world where society demands we do everything faster than those in past generations had to. There is so much to fit into a day and 24 hrs seems to be hardly sufficient’.

You can’t avoid reading or hearing about how stress is effecting people. Every week in newspapers and magazines there are articles about modern-day stress and how its influencing society. We also read that stress contributes to anxiety and depression, increases our susceptibility to colds and ‘flu and to heart attacks and strokes – lets not forget diabetes.

Whether it’s the alarming challenges intrinsic in our fast paced society, disruptive changes and conflicts in private life such as divorce, loneliness, marriage, parenthood, life events such as death of a loved one or one of the other multitude of causes of modern day stress, stress takes an enormous toll .

Stress plays a key role in our well being and quality of life, so it is essential we get in control of it. . Almost all of us are “stressed”. Stress is a reality in today’s world! It’s a consequence of modern-day life. No one lives without stress. There are so many different sources of stress in the world today. This stress can rob you of energy, health, productivity and happiness. You cannot afford to allow stress to sabotage your well-being or quality of life. Stress seems to be mounting on you from all sides – job security, workload, financial worries, family stresses and strains, relationships, illness, day-to-day activities and many other sources of stress. Your ability to cope is being tested to the full.

Stress is inevitable. So, it is unrealistic to attempt to avoid all stress. Learning to manage stress is the only way to create a fun and healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips for a satisfying life in the midst of our unending chaos:

Start by taking small steps. Exercise five days a week for at least thirty minutes. Turn off your computer at 8pm and don’t look at email until you wake up in the morning. When you eat dinner – eat – don’t try to do something else at the same time. Go to a movie and turn your cell phone off. Go outside and play with your kids (or your dogs.) Decide that you aren’t so important that the world can’t wait 24 hours for you – and give yourself a short break.

Now try some of these. Read them, absorb them, and see where they take you.

1. Begin living now.

2. Live in the present.

3. Stop asking to be rescued.

4. Stop waiting “until…”

5. Set realistic and attainable goals.

6. Be honest about how you feel.

7. Ask for what you need and want.

8. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

9. Let other people run their lives.

10. Give permission to yourself to be afraid of failure and success.

11. Develop your personal talents and skills.

12. Learn to accept what you cannot change.

13. Get proper nutrition.

14. Get sufficient rest.

15. Exercise regularly.

16. Stop talking about your miseries.

17. Talk about your strengths and assets.

18. Think positively.

19. Learn to meditate.

20. Stop blaming others for your misfortunes.

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About the author: Larry Lewis
My name is Larry Lewis, Health & Wellness Life Coach, Founder of Healthy Lifestyles Living, contributor to the Huffington Post, recently featured in the Sunday Mail Newspaper and somebody who went from being an owner of a chain of gyms and fitness fanatic, to a visually impaired overweight and incredibly sick person. Read about my illness to wellness story.
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  1. Mia says:

    Great post, thank you. In terms of stress management, sometimes good food is the key to stress relaxation. Eat something healthy and tasty and you´ll feel stress melting away. For me, strawberries do the trick.
    Best Regards

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