Juggle The Demands Of Career And Personal Life

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Juggle The Demands Of Career And Personal Life

I’m sure everyone of you is already well aware how difficult it is to juggle the demands of career and personal life, yet no doubts you carry on trying. For most people, they face an ongoing challenge of trying to get a balance of all the things they want or need to do, but more often than not they end up having to spend way to long working, and find everything else getting nowhere near the time it should.

[cmsmasters_quotes mode=”grid” columns=”1″ animation_delay=”0″][cmsmasters_quote name=”Philip Green”]It’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family.[/cmsmasters_quote][/cmsmasters_quotes]

You are aware of the importance of creating balance in your life yet you seem unable to juggle the demands of career and personal life. Your work seems to just steal your time. You even read blogs to try and help you find your solution. Yet more and more, you find you have too much to do and too little time to do it in. Your responsibilities and obligations seem to pile up. There are never enough hours in the day. You may be earning more money and doing better than you have ever done before, but you often feel overwhelmed with the demands of your job and the sacrifices you seem to have to make in your personal life. In fact if you really took the time to reflect on your life, you’d be honest with yourself and say it’s so far out of balance and your happiness probably non-existent.

You may be working harder today than ever before, yet you are getting less and less satisfaction and enjoyment from what you do. When our lives get too hectic, and all our energies seem to be focused on dealing with problems or simply focused in just one area, it’s all too easy to find ourselves “off balance”, and not paying enough attention to the other  important areas of our lives. At this time our life is out of balance, neglecting certain areas of our lives, and this comes at a cost. Family and health are often the first areas neglected, and this leads to frustration and intense stress, and if you’re not careful illness.

Our health must be considered as the most important area of our life. We have to eat well and exercise, because if we don’t we could find ourselves in a life risking situation later. Right now, your health may not be deemed as an urgent area for consideration, but when a health issue becomes urgent, it stops everything else. But if you take the time daily to eat well and exercise NOW, you take care of your body so that you lessen your chances of ill health. Even today, after so many years in the fitness industry, it amazes me how many people join gyms only once they have been diagnosed with illness. It’s time many of you got your lifestyles right and prevent illness in the future, and do something good for yourself before it has become urgent that you do.

Its just a matter of finding the time to focus on all the important areas of your life. It is possible to create a balance where you are doing this. Of course it takes effort, maybe even trial and error, and its going to come down to how important you think it is for you to do this.

So are you ready to decide whether finding balance is important?

There are almost certainly areas that are not getting as much attention as you’d like. As well as there being areas where you’re putting in more effort than maybe you should. These areas are sapping energy and enthusiasm that may better be directed elsewhere. But unless you take time to see what you’re doing, you won’t notice, and you certainly won’t start making changes.

What are the areas that you believe you must focus on and constantly improve in order for your life to be successful and fulfilling?

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About the author: Larry Lewis
My name is Larry Lewis, Health & Wellness Life Coach, Founder of Healthy Lifestyles Living, contributor to the Huffington Post, recently featured in the Sunday Mail Newspaper and somebody who went from being an owner of a chain of gyms and fitness fanatic, to a visually impaired overweight and incredibly sick person. Read about my illness to wellness story.
  1. Felicity says:

    With the work-life balance, I’ve found it has to do a lot with enjoying where you’re at both personally and professionally. There’s no secret formula, but rather each person has to find their own. It comes from enjoying hime life and finding satisfaction in your work. If you’re not satisfied with either one, find out why, and then try to change that!

    • Larry Lewis says:

      Felicity you are so right, first its essential to establish a workable work/life balance, secondly we spend so many hours at work, for so many years, being stuck in a job we don’t love, doing things that don’t inspire us, is a tonic for unhappiness.

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