My Journey Of Discovery … Who Am I?

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My Journey Of Discovery … Who Am I?

When most people face criticism, they don’t like it. They may get embarrassed or even angry. They often will go on the offensive while others will go defensive. I don’t actually understand why they do, because I love getting criticised. Of course I like my ego being massaged, hearing praise from others, that’s natural. Yet criticism can make me better at what I do. Some excellent people have given me great advice on things to write about and pointed out when they feel my articles aren’t all that great. Ultimately their criticism will make me a better blogger. Criticism of me is just an observation from another. How do we think that we can get better at anything, if others won’t help us by pointing out our flaws.

Debbie the writer of Scatter Musings Blog  wrote in a comment ‘Anyways just be you as you have been and adventure out a little if you are comfortable’. She’s a real good blogger, and got me thinking.

Alejandro of Web of Life wrote  ‘Be honest, be true to yourself and be real’, another time he said ‘I agree there could be more of Larry but it’s a start’. Alejandro is a guy that’s always ready for banter, and gives praise, criticism, advise and at the same time is always very amusing.

And my greatest critic, in my eyes anyway, who truly has motivated me to put more of myself into my blog posts is Yogasavy  of who said ‘” I still find the person Larry missing” However I will still stop by hoping one day you will reveal a little more about ‘Larry’. On her blog she writes about herself:

I am with many dimensions some more pronounced than others. I am not perfect and not seeking for perfection! Trying to understand my purpose here on earth. Learning to surrender to what is not in my control and to have faith in the universe for gently nudging me into the unknown. Am passionate and whole when teaching yoga. It is this practice that has taught me many life lessons and has forced me to look deep within my depths…..  – Yogasavy

So, not only is she an inspiration to herself, but many others who have the pleasure of reading her blog, but she is also a voice that I listen to, appreciate, and know won’t let me off till I’ve become the real me through my blogs. She’s one of those ladies that just wants to help everybody, and always offers inspiration to them.

One of my non blogging readers seems to always spot when my passions weren’t released through my writings. She never pulls the punches and lets me know when my blog isn’t up to the standards she knows I can produce.

Together, they have got me exploring. First I went online to find some answers. One article I found said:

On the other hand, if you want to be remembered, in part you need to be distinctive. You need to better than every other mediocre writer with good ideas. You need to find your own voice. And some of the great writing advice you can get will help you find yourself – cutting out the excess and leaving the worthy. – Blogthority.

This made me sit back, and turn of my Google explorer. It was time for some contemplation. My question was, is the real me going to be found by searching the web? Of course not. As a personal development writer I know that each of us has a great power inside. I needed to go within myself. The key to unlocking my vast, unlimited potential is buried inside of me. I had to look within myself. There is a switch that you have access to. Just flick the switch, and watch your true talents gradually release.

I needed to go through the layers of reservation and concern; get into the place that is free of all negativity about myself. This is exactly what I did.

Understanding oneself, one’s drives, one’s emotions, the way in which one’s mind works, is crucial if you want to be a successful blogger. Without this understanding, without taking the time to learn about myself, my blog will never amount to much. What a waste that would be of all the things I have to say and teach.

I believe that I have a duty to help others find the answers they are looking for and provide them with solutions that work. My quest is to help myself and others. The best way to learn is to teach.

I have a responsibility to share what I have learned, and will learn in the future, in the hope that I can help others and remind them that it is never too late to embark upon their own journey of personal development.

Look within. Within is the fountain of good, and it will ever bubble up if thou wilt ever dig.  – Marcus Aurelius

But to be the best teacher I can, to motivate people not just to read my words, but to then take action, my writing must come from deep within myself.

I know I have something to say, and that others will want to read it. But I have to start expressing myself. The real me. Not the Personal Development Coach, the Fitness Guru, just me. I have to use my knowledge in my fields of expertise, but I need to write it more like I would say it to a friend. I’m not an academic, I’m not a scientist. I’m just me. A guy with lots of knowledge, information to share, and a passion to help others. When working one to one, I’ve been known to be right in someone’s face. Many say that is where my power is. I’m good at what I do, because I will look anyone in the eye, and just say it as it is. My favourite saying is, there is no ‘I can’t’, there is only ‘I can, I will, I must’. I’ve been trying to conform to some rigid straight laced writing style, instead of just being me. I promise myself that from now on, I’ll write in my natural style, allowing my inner voice to dictate what it is I want to say, in the style that the real me would say it in.

I know to be an effective blogger, and to one day possibly reach my dream of being an A-Rated blogger, I can, I will, I must express the real me through my writing. I have to open myself up and let my readers see what’s really inside of me. If they don’t like it, well nobody is going to force them to read my blog. That will be their loss. What everyone who comes across my blog will see, is a writer that expresses themselves honestly about subjects they know a lot about, who when necessary doesn’t hold back their punches.

Above all, be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it. – Hardy D. Jackson

I was born to be unique. So now I will give it my best shot and emerge from this self made camouflage and just show me, myself and I. I love writing, I love teaching personal development, coaching healthy lifestyles and one day the real me shall emerge as an established blogger.

What better way for me to teach you guys personal development, than for you to watch me develop as a blogger. Expressing myself as myself is not easy, but will certainly be worth it.

So now let me throw two exercises at you. I’ve had many of my clients go through this process, yet it’s taken the words of wisdom of others, and their justified criticism to get me to do this for myself.

Exercise One:

Create your List of Heroes. Think about the people that you’ve admired most in your life. On a piece of paper, write a list of everyone that has inspired you, motivated you, touched your soul.

What traits do they possess that you admire? Go through each person on your list one at a time and spend some time thinking about their virtues, their characteristics, their talents. What makes them special?

Now ask yourself, are these the traits that are present inside of you. If you fulfilling your potential wouldn’t you be a lot more like the people you admire?

Now nurture these traits to bring out the best real you that you can be.

This exercise I believe will enable me to realise my potential and make me feel better about myself. Try it, maybe it will help you in the same way!

Exercise Two

At an Anthony Robbins seminar I learnt the value of writing my own Eulogy. A brilliant way of discovering your life purpose is by writing your own legacy. Begin with the end in mind. Visualising how you want to be remembered will set you on the path to your life of purpose, fulfilment, and happiness.

So simply, imagine that you died today and write a eulogy about ‘YOU’ that you would like to have read out at your own funeral. But before you start, let me tell you something. Life right now may not be like you want it to be. In fact it could be pretty shit (that’s me, swearing already). Things just aren’t going your way. Nothing seems to be working. You are down in the dumps. Negativity rules your mind. Well in this exercise I ask you to write what you would ‘like’ to be read out. So look at it from the perspective that you get your act together, that you start winning your battles, success comes to you at last. You achieve your positive visions. That great big, exciting vision that gets you to wake early in the morning, and drives you to take action all day, every day, producing or even manifesting a life that is worthy of you. That your life has become a true expression of your gifts and talents, dreams and desires, and purpose. Now write your eulogy!

What would your own eulogy say? You show me yours, I will show you mine! Post them in to my comments section guys!

Any life, no matter how long and complex it may be, is made up of a single moment–the moment in which a man finds out, once and for all, who he is. – Jorge Luis Borges

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My name is Larry Lewis, Health & Wellness Life Coach, Founder of Healthy Lifestyles Living, contributor to the Huffington Post, recently featured in the Sunday Mail Newspaper and somebody who went from being an owner of a chain of gyms and fitness fanatic, to a visually impaired overweight and incredibly sick person. Read about my illness to wellness story.

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