Becoming an A-Rated Blogger … well anything’s possible!

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Becoming an A-Rated Blogger … well anything’s possible!

I created a Healthy Lifestyle Blog for one important reason, to help people enjoy their life to the fullest by being in control of their health. Achieving a healthy lifestyle is the goal of so many people and there are so many others who are trying to offer advice on how to achieve one.

At the turn of the year I found myself assessing the year that had just gone and thinking about my expectations for this New Year in front of me. I then set about determining the goals I wanted to direct my attention to. One on those, as mentioned in a previous article, is to become in the future an A-Rated blogger. So as I now regard myself as a blogger, I may as well aim to be the best blogger that I can be. There’s no point doing something, and not aiming for the top. So my goal is simple to try and become an A-list blogger.

The best thing about blogging is that it stands for who I am, it’s become an integral part of me. The toughest challenge for any blogger is to be able to do everything that is required, particularly when doing it as a side line, having to do it as a part-time thing, in between having a day job and a social life.

Is it worth all the effort? My blog to me is the place where I can write about things that interest me, that I am working on in my life, and that are working for me, and that I hope will make the difference to others. I have nobody telling me what to write, or how to write it. Yet I can get instantaneous feedback from my readers particularly through their comments (mind you I’m not getting enough of these yet).

I have just spent four days moving house. Oh the Joy of Moving. It’s hell. Yet the biggest nightmare for me was the fact I couldn’t blog or communicate through my facebook account. It felt like going cold turkey. It really showed me how blogging, and interacting with others through this medium, had become a very important part of my life.

To be able to spend time on something I love, to work on something that I’m passionate about is reward enough, but if I can turn my blog eventually into a success making a living out of doing so would just be out of this world.

Since entering the blogosphere writing my blog, I have read many other blogs, and paid particular attention to those bloggers able to teach me how to be a more successful blogger.

Four that I read on a regular basis are:

What I do know is that those existing A-List Bloggers are head and shoulders above me, but I also know they had to start somewhere, and that would be at the bottom of the ladder. Developing a blog takes unbelievable, committed effort. No matter where on the bloggers scale you are, you already know this. We have to put a lot of work into our blogs, and work our way, inch by inch towards the top of the ladder.

If I believed everything I read, I wouldn’t bother starting. Firstly, my age is against me. Blogging is a young persons business. The New York Times stated that 53 percent of bloggers are between the ages of 21 to 35. I’m 48 years old, must then be a blogging pensioner.

Secondly, most blogs fail, never achieving more than a handful of readers. I am sure that many of these blogs were started by people with a similar goal to me. Many of them, just after a few months of hard work, time and effort, having achieved no obvious results, give-up and abandon their blogs to the blogosphere black hole.

Thirdly. The blogosphere is an ever increasing competitive market. Most existing niches already are full of blogs, with a handful of key bloggers dominating their specific field. So to enter these niches and climb the ladder of success is no easy matter. In my particular fields there are some outstanding bloggers sitting deservedly at the top of the pile.

Here are a few that I deem to be right up there:

Fourth, I have read that there is no way to create a sustainable top blog if you are the only person doing the work on the blog. You need a team, each fulfilling particular roles if you want to get to the top, not be a one man band trying to do the lot on your own.

If I do eventually wake and realize that I am never ever going to get famous through blogging, will I stop writing my blog. No never, its now part of me, and something I love to do

To achieve any target, you have to be able to clearly measure it. A very simple classification of an A-Rated Blog would be the number of inbound links to their blogs, the number of visitors and the amount of revenue that they generate. Another indicator would be ascertained from blog statistics such as their Alexa rank, the number of Technorati back links, and their Google Page Rank. The number of their subscribers is also a good indicator, as are the number of comments their posts receive.

In my vision, for me to ultimately achieve the position of an A-Rated Blogger I will be inspiring and motivating others to achieve a healthy lifestyle and successfully achieve personal growth. I want my writings, and my blog to help others reach their goals, to motivate them to reach for their dreams, and assist them in moving forward towards their attainment. My New Year’s resolution is that I commit to building an A-Rated Blog that people use to power their own change. So even if I don’t achieve the upper heights of being an A-Rated Blog, if I can help others on my journey then that is enough reward in itself.

To finish of for now, what I know for sure, is that to get my blog read, to climb the bloggers ladder, my blog has to inspire people and change the lives of those who read it. This is my vision, and I am passionate about it. I also know that helping other people succeed is the best way to succeed yourself.

As Napoleon Hill put it “It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”

What are your blogging goals?

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About the author: Larry Lewis
My name is Larry Lewis, Health & Wellness Life Coach, Founder of Healthy Lifestyles Living, contributor to the Huffington Post, recently featured in the Sunday Mail Newspaper and somebody who went from being an owner of a chain of gyms and fitness fanatic, to a visually impaired overweight and incredibly sick person. Read about my illness to wellness story.
  1. Yogasavy says:

    Honestly I have really not paid much attention to what my goals are when it comes to blogging. I write to release my thoughts, emotions. I enjoy reading about journeys of others.
    Not interested to get to the top of the blogging world. My writing is simple and to the point and if my journey can help another then why not….

    • admin says:

      Yogasavy, as i was taught many years ago by a very wonderful lady, a brilliant poet, to live a life of contentment was her only goal, and i respect those that follow a different path to me. I hope you continue to release your thoughts and emotions, because i love reading them, and I appreciate every comment you make because you are helping me more than you’ll ever know. So thank you!

  2. Fernando-Alejandro says:

    It is true that to blog is to let out what we want to share. Also it is in anyone’s grasp to be on top of the blogosphere. Yet it is to me as well as others the reasons you want to blog, be it funny, educational or helpful is to be you and out there. As long as you are happy in your work and show it, others will follow. I know my personal blog about my daughter is limited yet I enjoy it and so should you regardless of what the gurus say. Be honest, be true to yourself and be real… All the same really.

    Savira has a point…if my journey can help another then why not….

    Cheers A

    • admin says:

      As always an awesome comment AJ. All the reasons you give are the perfect ingredients for all blogger, particularly being happy in what you do. I would like to add I as many others do, love your blog, and look forward to seeing the journey as it develops for many years to come.

  3. Jayne says:

    I didn’t set out to be an a list blogger but the more I blog the more I would secretly like to be! I get a little disappointed if I don’t beat the previous days page views, ha ha! Great blog post, good luck in your quest to become an a lister

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much Jayne. But you have now let the secret out the bag. Why shouldn’t you want something you love to be successful, and appreciated by others. Go for it!

  4. My question to you was. How do I blog. I think this has given me a better picture. I certainly get so much out of helping the hundreds of women who walk through my door and have done for the past 8 years. My aim now is to help even more. I see brave women battle cancer and hip replacements, painful joints when they know the only other option is a wheelchair. My aim to to keep people independent, moving and healthy in their everyday lives. I have seen far too many people that through poor health have had that freedom of choice taken away from them far too young.
    I would like to blog about this. So now I need to know the technical side, where do I go to get registered and how to I set it all up? Can I work on the back of your shirttails. You said you needed more people to help you blog??
    Oops I forgot to mention I am 50 so does that make me too old??
    I don’t feel 50 that’s for sure, have a bit of an erractic and zany style though.

  5. Kaye Johnson says:

    I have always dreamt of being a really good blogger but I couldn’t write good blogs.

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