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Authentic over-50 Bloggers

An authentic Blogger starts up with big dreams and little idea of what we were doing. I’ve gone through many growing pains and changes in the past four years, and continue to learn and grow. The most important thing I’ve learnt is how great blogging is for us old timers, you know us over-50 bloggers.

Four years ago if you told me I’d be blogging daily and build a business around it, I wouldn’t have said “you’re mad,” I would just as have said “what’s blogging.” I would have had as blank an expression as most people now do when they say to me “so what do you do for a living?” and I answer “I’m a blogger.”

A blog, or web blog, is an online collection of content relating to you or subjects you want to write about. Blogging is the process of running a personal log of random thoughts and opinions about subjects you like which you publish on a Blog.

This weekend confirmed to me one of the greatest benefits offered to me as a blogger. It’s not the ability to target keywords, or bring traffic and attention to items in my ecommerce shop, or build up my google ranking for keyword terms that then attracts advertisers wanting to pay me money for a link. It’s not even my true passion of writing posts that can inspire and motivate others to take affirmative action to change some aspect of their life. It’s not looking at the 300 plus people that will read my most popular posts every day, or seeing that 1500 unique visitors have been to my blog today.

It is the outlet it provides me for writing things that are on my mind. I can open up and express myself freely like nothing else would enable me to. This Saturday I lost my mum. I was sitting at the bedside not wanting to leave her. She looked so peaceful and I just wanted to spend this last time with her. I found myself taking my phone out of my pocket and start writing. I just went on and on letting my thoughts flow out of me. Once completed I felt satisfied, I had allowed my feelings to be expressed through a blog post. Having posted this blog out on Sunday morning I have shared this with the world. When my granddaughter is older she will be able to look back and read about her Grandma and I think that is simply wonderful.

I didn’t start blogging until I was over 48 years old. I have gone through quite a journey and at times I feel like I’m being led by some type of guidance to where I’m meant to go. On this blog I feel it right to talk about aging, an area that I feel is so important in a wide variety of ways. Through the other I am inspired to write about the philosophy of never give up and sharing what I’ve learnt on my journey.

As an over-50 blogger I love the ability we have to choose our corner of the blogosphere. I believe that us baby bloggers bring with us so much life experiences and knowledge acquired on our journey.

Blogging is definitely not just for the young. This is something I had been warned about when I set out on the journey, blogging is a young man’s game. Is it heck!

The blogosphere is filled with people, of all ages, all trying to build successful blogs hoping to get well known and making money. Some bloggers simply blog because they have something to say. They want to share their thoughts, lessons, examples, stories, or experiences with others. These are the ones who are more likely to succeed because they are ‘authentic bloggers.’

I write for me. I write to heal my soul. To reveal my heart. To share my beliefs and knowledge. To inspire others through the things I believe. To reveal the thoughts in my head and the feelings in my heart.

I believe the key to being successful online or just in life in general is to try to find something you’re passionate about and build a business or career around it. The reason so many people fail is because they’re purely in an industry or career because they’ve heard there is money to be made. Be authentic, write about something you have a passion for, belief in and you can achieve great things.

Write about things you care about. Your readers will be able to tell when your heart is in your writing—and when it isn’t. And if you’re over 50 get on and start blogging, you’re going to love it. There’s a place for us over-50 Bloggers that i promise you.

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About the author: Larry Lewis
My name is Larry Lewis, Health & Wellness Life Coach, Founder of Healthy Lifestyles Living, contributor to the Huffington Post, recently featured in the Sunday Mail Newspaper and somebody who went from being an owner of a chain of gyms and fitness fanatic, to a visually impaired overweight and incredibly sick person. Read about my illness to wellness story.

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