Positive Goals … Motivating You to Achieve

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Positive Goals … Motivating You to Achieve

You can start working towards Health Lifestyles Living at any time. Around the New Year, most people make resolutions to be healthier — to starting living a healthier life and maintain a Healthier Lifestyle. But how many of us actually keep that up? It’s important to make a healthy lifestyle change that lasts: healthy habits usually mean longer lives and fewer health problems. It’s so easy to start the New Year by promising yourself that this will be the year you achieve weight loss, quit smoking, start to exercise, or one of that type of goal.

You don’t have to wait till the New Year to step up, challenge yourself, and commit to making a healthy lifestyle change. You can make the decision right now. There is never a better time to start!

Working in the fitness industry you often work with people who are pushing themselves to the limit, getting their lifestyles in order, and making fantastic changes.

I want to devote this article to one such member. I won’t mention her name. She will know it’s her once I post this article to my facebook account. Only the other day she wrote on her facebook wall that she has 6 weeks to get her body fit for a xmas party dress, and nine months to perfect the beach body for her summer holiday. She concluded by saying that ‘will power is required, and the gym is now my best friend’.

It was great to read such positive goals. She is now inspired by knowing she can look great in the body she wants. Knowing her nothing will stop her from achieving her goals. Her journey started in the gym over a year ago. In that time she has made a lasting impression on staff and fellow members with her dedication and enthusiasm


I want to acknowledge her brilliant effort during the last 4 week. She has been inspired by a single moment, which has brought out of her a consistently high performance over the month. She has stepped out of her comfort zone, and has thrown herself, mind, body and soul into her training routine.

We suspect that she must be a star at work as well as the gym because she lights up the room with contagious enthusiasm every time she walks through the door. Her cheery disposition gets her through the grimmest of workouts. Indeed, it’s not unusual to see her laughing to herself mid-workout! Nobody who has seen her training can fail to be impressed by her efforts and attitude.

Reading her goals shows how motivating positive reasons to lose the weight can be. I truly believe that setting goals that you can fulfill depends on making them positive.

Consider these options:

• I want to lose weight because I want to gain a healthy respect for my body

• I want to lose weight because I want to live longer for my family

• I want to lose weight because I want to enjoy life more by doing the things that my weight restricts me from doing

• I want to lose weight because I want to feel great about my myself and my appearance

• I want to lose weight because I want to travel and enjoy all that life has to offer me

• I want to lose weight to have the strength and energy I need to enjoy life like having the energy to chase my children

• I want to lose weight so that I can be an active participant in my own life and not just a spectator

What makes it even more inspiring, is the knowledge what happened to her just a month ago. She became a target of discrimination at work. An email with a photograph of an overweight individual was sent through the business email system, and then her name was brought up. Too often people are ridiculed. Fat jokes and derogatory portrayals of overweight people in popular media are common. It’s not nice, and can be very harmful. In her case, she was in the gym that very night. She was traumatised. She felt ridiculed because of her struggle with body size. Some people would have let this situation trigger a downward slide. They would eat to excess to give them comfort. They’d quit the gym, exclaiming ‘it’s not working’. In her case, she used these actions of a thoughtless, callous idiot to give her even more of a determination to show what she can and will achieve. She is a star.

Let her be an example for all of you. Don’t let anyone or anything put you off from working towards your goals. Don’t allow anybody or anything to take you down. You are in control of your life. In control of your decisions, and therefore your actions. You can achieve whatever you truly set your mind to. No obstacle will prevent you if you get your mindset right.

Now it’s your turn. Think of something compelling. Think deeper than your usual weight loss diet resolution. Something that will keep you grounded and anchored to your purpose. That way the lure of the chocolate bar is no match for your truly compelling goal.

Take your time and think of something that is truly worthy of you and you will stick with your diet no matter what.

Let this young lady be an inspiration to you, and no matter where you are today, find positive motivation and set some brilliant, awe inspiring goals to drive you.


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About the author: Larry Lewis
My name is Larry Lewis, Health & Wellness Life Coach, Founder of Healthy Lifestyles Living, contributor to the Huffington Post, recently featured in the Sunday Mail Newspaper and somebody who went from being an owner of a chain of gyms and fitness fanatic, to a visually impaired overweight and incredibly sick person. Read about my illness to wellness story.

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