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Do you want to relive the nightmare?

Do you want to relive the nightmare?

The title of this post is designed to shock me into the realisation that by teaching dyslexic adults to revisit the nightmare of their education I am in fact making them relive it? Yet it seems that they are up for the agony of it just to improve their literacy skills.

Will learning how to read, spell and write solve it?

I commend them, however I feel uncomfortable about it. I can see the anguish on their faces as they still get confused and muddled up with certain words and inconsistent rules. It's almost like I can picture them back in that classroom squirming away from the teacher so that they don't get asked to stand up and read. Why am I putting them through this all over again? Ok it will help them somewhat if they can stick at it and practise every single day. What about life? What about their jobs? How will they make up for all those lost years? How many people out there who can relate to their struggles but have not had the courage time or inspiration to address their learning issues. What has become of them?

Personal development

Is there another way? How did the famous dyslexics overcome their learning issues? Did they suddenly just click their fingers and suddenly strip away years of not succeeding academically to becoming brilliant actors, entrepreneurs, scientists and leaders. What was it that turned their whole life around? Here comes the telling but obvious factor its the desire and will to succeed that all other brilliant people possess. Sure it would have been harder for the likes of Henry Ford, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison just to name a few, yet they did it. I am not advocating that we do away with formal education. However there is a case for revamping the whole system to include forgotten areas such as :

  • discovering your inner greatness
  • discovering your passion
  • learning about the mind
  • endeavour
  • will power
  • enthusiasm
  • tenacity
  • lateral thinking
  • creativity

Not all schools fail at providing opportunities to experience the above points.

Yet they all fail at how much time is spent on building up the student to the amazing potential each individual possess. They do spend countless hours of trying to acquire a mountain of general knowledge that they eventually have very little use for? Those hours could be spent on guiding each student become the very best person they could possibly be. Once they graduate  to this level then anything is possible. The whole process seems rather distorted. Some reform needs to take place.


Reliving the nightmare

Why would you want to go back and rediscover yourself? Is it because you never really found yourself to begin with? Is the age of wisdom a process of stripping  back the years and uncovering who you really are.

I am fine with this. However why do you wait until something traumatic happens in your life. Why isn't this a priority right throughout your school life. If  schools help each individual student realise their inner greatness, what would the world be like?


The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.
Martin Luther King, Jr.


It is this depth of character that we want to highlight and bring out in the students of the world. A critical thinking student will not just absorb information for the sake of it. This student would be asking why am I doing this? How will this help me to grow? How can I improve my life and that of others. What a wonderful world it would be.


Time to wake up

So whilst writing this post I have come to the conclusion that it is time to stop relieving the nightmare and it's time to wake up. The answer is of course to allow my adult dyslexic students to discover their inner greatness. This will not only elevate them to the people that they were meant to be, but it will also enable them to move forward and use their inner strengths to achieve the things they want to achieve. They too can strive to be like their heroes the successful dyslexic adults.


Power Of Passion Course

This course is designed to allow each individual to discover their true passion and it is the perfect starting point for my dyslexic students. When a person really knows what their passion is and follows it almost obsessively they will succeed.

Larry lewis has designed a course to do exactly that.  He will provide free training and resources to help everybody come to grips with this. Once you embark on this journey the adventure of discovering who you really are and what you're passionate about really begins.

Come and join us as we use the power of passion to succeed in life and in business.

Send Larry an email at  coach@larry-lewis. Hurry as places are limited. Don't miss out on finding your passion and using it to become successful in life and in business.

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3 years 10 months ago

I believe that too many children are passed by in school only because they present a ‘time constraint’ for school personnel. It is easy for some just to ‘sweep it under the rug’, or turn away in hopes that a problem will go away. A lot of us tend to do the same thing in every day life. Avoidance, denial, whatever you want to call it, it all delivers the same results…someone pays the price. Searching deep down, finding your true passion in life, takes a strength…it takes a person who is willing to fall and get back up again.… Read more »

3 years 10 months ago

I would also include desire Mary. A burning desire fuelled by faith, persistence, and an organised plan will help you succeed. When we are in tune with this there is no room for procrastination. No sweeping anything under the carpet. You learn to deal with situations with a willingness to solve problems and move closer to your goals.


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