Ongoing guided journey of personal growth for free

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Ongoing guided journey of personal growth for free

Ongoing guided journey of personal growth for free as the title suggests, is the opportunity to grow into the person you were meant to be for free. The best part is you will have your own personal guide.

Healthy Lifestyle’s support group is giving you the opportunity to grow and develop through an ongoing guided personal development program for free.

It will help you develop a positive mindset in a caring supportive environment. Larry Lewis’ post on developing a positive mindset highlights it as the golden key to achieve greatness within your life.

Healthy Lifestyle’s support group will provide you with two guides to walk you through this journey. Larry Lewis a distinguished life coach with many years of making a positive difference in his clients life and a personal development teacher Loddy Micucci. They will be working with you and supporting your journey to light up the path for you.

The mastermind principle will be used to help each individual develop a positive mindset. A harmonious group of like minded individuals will work together for the benefit of the group. This will elevate everybody’s understanding and promote personal growth.

You will need to commit your time and be prepared to follow the process until you reach your destination. It is a process and the journey will be unique for each individual.

Think and grow rich

Napoleon Hill, the father of personal development will be the main author of the study course. His unabridged version of ‘think and grow rich’ will be studied intensively. The classic will be studied one chapter at a time. It will provide the basis of learning and applying a formula for success both in life and in business. Once you get it, you become unstoppable in whatever field you wish to apply this formula. Each participant will receive the fifteen chapters one week at a time. It will be up to each participant to read and listen to the chapter. After reading the chapter a reflection lesson needs to be written. These lessons are then emailed to Loddy Micucci who reads them all and chooses five or six to be the basis of a weekly discussion session.

The process is ongoing and there is no starting point or ending point as people arrive at their understanding of the chapter at different rates.

Why ‘think and grow rich?’

This is a good question as many people have read and attempted to understand the success formula in ‘think and grow rich. However if you were like me you probably read it on your own when you were much younger. It sounded impressive however it really didn’t make sense and didn’t make much difference to your growth. Napoleon Hill clearly states that not many people will get the formula in just one reading of the book. It needs to be revisited and really studied. The mastermind group which is a central theme of the success formula helps to elicit each participant’s understanding through discussion and healthy debate. It is this process that we will use to guide people to understand the success formula within ‘think and grow rich’.

Self talk

Self talk is an important tool to help you develop a positive mindset and achieve clarity. You will be encouraged to begin using this immediately to start making a difference in everything that you do. It is brilliant because it only costs your time and commitment to do it and it’s portable . You can take it anywhere you go. The science of self talk and how to develop it for yourself will also be an ongoing component of the course.

If you are ready to start owning your thoughts and becoming the captain of your soul, then I suggest this free personal development course is your vehicle to complete your journey.

I hope to see you there.

Please ask questions if you are unsure of anything or if you need more information.

We believe in you and always will until you can believe in yourself.

Come on the ongoing guided journey of personal growth for free adventure.

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About the author: Loddy Micucci
Loddy Micucci a retired educator but a teacher for life. Now following his passion for helping people find their life purpose and the greatness within themselves.

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