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Law of attraction | faith | persistence.

Law of attraction | faith | persistence.

Hello just to fill you in. You may have come to this blog looking for the Power Of Passion ebook and course. Unfortunately due to techincal issues we have not been able to have it ready by the stated time.

We have so much happening at the moment with our online shop going live and our power of passion members area being prepared we have decided to wait until everything is ready before we launch.

Law of attraction faith persistence
Law of attraction faith persistence

We believe that the universe is testing our resilience and our faith to complete the project. The law of attraction has a way of testing your resolve before deciding it can no longer hinder your progress. All of us at healthylifestyleliving.com are determined to persevere with faith that the whole project will be a resounding success. Larry Lewis has been down in the bunker making sure that all the glitches are ironed out before we roll out the amazing life changing Power of Passion Course. 





The shipsof retreat have been burned, there is no going back on our promise to make this event sensational.

The value you will get for free should dispel any regrets we may have caused due to not having the course being ready on time. Once again here is what you will be getting.

  • Weekly Webinar - Weekly webinars bringing you inspirations and talking about passion.
  • eBOOK (PDF) – A PDF file for immediate download containing all your tips, tools and strategies. Print it and put in a binder or keep it on your computer.
  • Audio Lessons - Download the audio of the eBook to your computer, iPod or other MP3 device and listen to it over and over again
  • Exercises – A variety of exercises to help you discover your passion and bring it to the forefront of your life.
  • Assessments - How do you know whether the course had any effect? Easy, with our post-module self-assessments, you will immediately measure the personal impact the program has had.
  • Weekly Motivational Podcasts - a powerful set of audios to help inspire you each week
  • Bonus Gifts wait and see

We will deliver this and more. The law of attraction will align with us to give you the opportunity to discover your passion and turn it into success. Larry has a vision of allowing anybody who wants to change their life for the better the opportunity to do so. We are very close to achieving this vision. We ask you to have faith and be patient for a little while longer. Those of you who know Larry will understand that no matter what set backs are thrown at us, he will  personally guarantee that giving up is a word he despises. So once again I ask you to have faith and be comforted in the knowledge that this Power Of Passion Course is free because it is priceless and worth waiting for.

Imagine living your life through your passion

Can you see it? You will be working anywhere you choose sandy beach, tropical island, busy city or your dream home anywhere in the world. All you will need is your laptop and passion to succeed. When you are doing what you love passionately, it just doesn't feel like work. The nine to five grind will be a distant memory. You will have time to be inspired and create your dream life. How is this possible you ask? This is what finding your passion whatever that may be for you will mean. Once you have found it Larry and the team will help and guide you to channel it to your success.

I am getting ahead of myself here. This part will all be revealed as soon as you work through the course and commit to finding your real passion. Once you have done this you will be invited to pursue this to success.

Stay tuned and we will let you know when everything is ready to be rolled out.

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