What is all the missing pieces?

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What is all the missing pieces?

What is All the missing pieces?

All the missing pieces is a title that resonates with me. Over the last two years I have been trying to be successful on line. It seems that with every venture I embark on there is a missing piece or pieces to the puzzle. Is there a program or opportunity that doesn’t leave any of the pieces out?

I have worked hard at professional network marketing with moderate success, I’ve dabbled in affiliate marketing and blogging as a way to set up an on line presence. In all of the mentioned cases nobody has been able to package a course to help me and guide me to make real money from what I am passionate about.

Blogging and success
How do you measure your success as a blogger?  There are millions of blogs out there. So what sets one a part from the other? Does it really matter? When I began blogging it was a way to express myself through the written word and I enjoyed it. To me that was success in itself. It was something that I enjoyed a as young child. I loved to write tall stories and capture people’s imagination. This was great I could write and let people know what I was thinking. I soon began to realise that by just writing all I was doing was to fill my blog with words. Words that nobody was taking any notice of? Now it seemed that the process was not very successful?  I started to focus on how to get people to read my posts. I began to send my posts to all the social media sites and started increasing my traffic. Now I was seeing success, people were actually taking the time to read my posts. The beauty of it all was that my blog was gathering popularity according to alexa. Now this was success!

Blogging for leads

Or was it? The main object of blogging for me was to set it up as the central hub to my on line presence. To a certain extent I had managed to do this quite successfully. The only down side was that I was not getting leads from my posts? The whole purpose was to get leads. Did I have a call to action on my posts? Was I setting up my posts for search engines to find? Was I doing my keyword research? The minefield of questions kept bombarding me? This was no longer fun. Nor did I feel successful. The whole purpose of my blogging was to rekindle a passion I once had. It was also evident that I much preferred to write about my own personal development journey rather than pitching to people for leads in my posts. It was always a tension do I tell my story or do I get down to business and write to get leads.

Larry Lewis and Neil Haywood to the rescue with all the missing pieces course.

You can imagine my joy as Larry Lewis and later Neil Haywood appeared on the scene with a course called  All The Missing Pieces. It was The Law Of Attraction at work with lazer pin point precision. My prayers were answered.  You can imagine how I felt when Larry said on our very first coaching call that my blog was  headed in the wrong direction. It smacked me right across the forehead. He continued to tell me that my passion was in teaching people how to make a difference in their lives through personal development.  Not only was this a wake up call but it was also a liberating moment for me. The shackles were off now I could write about the topic I was passionate about ‘personal development’.

Life changes for the better 

So liberated to follow my passion I noticed that things began to happen very fast. I was suddenly getting more traffic and therefore more leads. The beauty of it all was that Larry Lewis took the time to really find out about me and highlight my strengths as a writer and the areas that I needed to improve in. The best accolade for me came in the form of having the opportunity to be a guest author on “healthylifestyleliving.com. I now knew that something special was about to happen.

What is all the missing pieces about?

All the missing pieces is about being coached and guided to find your passion. Once you are comfortable with this you are guided, mentored and supported to develop a powerful blog in your own niche market. This niche is of course linked to your passion. So can you imagine being led by the hand to develop the right mind set to firstly follow your passion, then express that passion throughout your powerful blog. Magic you say and it truly is, however it gets better. This is where all the missing pieces can impact the millions of people trying to be successful on line. The pearl in the oyster is that you are guided and mentored to monetize you blog.  Yes making money and becoming successful through the expression of your passion. It just doesn’t get better than that. No more floundering around. No more being one step ahead of scammers and hype merchants. All the missing pieces is about making you whole and leading you to discover your huge success through your passion.

Follow the healthylifestylesliving.com blog over the next few months and you will see what I am talking about. This will be the blueprint of what you can achieve. Imagine having the tools and mentoring to follow in the footprints of this amazing site!

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About the author: Loddy Micucci
Loddy Micucci a retired educator but a teacher for life. Now following his passion for helping people find their life purpose and the greatness within themselves.
  1. I thought that I had read this already and left a comment, but I don’t see my comment here 🙁
    At any rate Loddy, sometimes we are sucked into a vacuum of thought and it is difficult to break away and think any other way. We bang our heads against the wall, in hopes that we are doing the right thing to achieve the results we want. It doesn’t always work and we often have to take a step back, re-assess the situation, and come up with alternative answers. I believe ATMP is just that…an alternative answer to what many have been looking for. This is an exciting time for all that are involved on the forefront and hope to see many positive changes in the near future 🙂

    • Loddy Micucci says:

      Hello Mary, I am not sure what happened to your previous comment, however I am very glad you
      took the time to write this one. Your brilliant insights are very much appreciated. Yes it
      is an exciting time, I see all the missing pieces as a way to use a persons passion and power it up
      to a level that will produce amazing success. Larry, Neil and the rest of the team are poised to
      make a dramatic difference to anybody seeking to use their passion to become successful on line.

  2. Judy A Murphy says:

    Hi Loddy,
    I read your missing pieces and it is dead on, after I talked with Larry the lights came on, forever, it seemed I always had something missing. For the last couple years I humbled myself and asked for help in several avenues, business acquaintance, friends, family, my best friend, my step grandma, my dad, most of what was said was repetitious, dear you are just fine in my books and you are a little on the negative side and maybe you procrastinate a little. I worked on their comments,to no avail, I believe what I worked on helped in some ways, but that gnawing feeling and that was holding me back, was still there as bad as ever. I was introduced to Larry did one module of the course and had a one on one with Larry, about half way through our talk I was feeling a difference. Before the conversation ended I was in tears of relief he had hit the nail on the head .His uncanny way of listening was part of the key for me, obviously all the other people I spoke with over the years, knew they didn’t have the answers I needed, so they, in a kind way brushed me off with a different topic.
    I have met Neil and he is a true fit with Larry and the missing pieces,he is the best technician on computers that I’ve ever seen. Neil has helped my daughter in a big way,by the way she has made a huge turnaround since taking the course.Thank God our lives are both headed in the direction we want them!
    I hope we can become great friends and see each others lives go down the path we’ve always wanted. There is a lot of people that need help and together we CAN make a difference!

    • Loddy Micucci says:

      Thank you Judy I am honoured to be your friend. A positive mindset is essential for entrepreneurs.
      It takes a great deal of inner discovery to finally have clarity of thoughts and action. Negativity
      and procrastination cannot be part of the mix. When they are around we stir up negative emotions.
      This is what we then attract to ourselves.
      Larry and Neil have all the missing pieces to firstly allow people to discover their positive mindset through
      their passion. Once this is in place the next step is to pursue it and become successful.
      You are so right about people needing help to finally put all the missing pieces together. It is so exciting to be
      in a position to make a difference I know we can change lives.

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