The secret to success through your passion

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The secret to success through your passion

The secret to success through your passion

The secret to success through your passion.
The secret to success through your passion is to find your passion.

The above statement sounds easy. Of course you know what your passion is right. In other words what makes you excited about each moment of the day. What takes you away from wasting time? You know those endless hours that you spend watching  T.V. Oh you only watch some tv, have you worked out how many hours per week that might be? What about all of those other menial tasks that are not very productive. Have you really calculated how you could spend your time more efficiently?

Your passion will guide you

I dont want to spend too much time castigating you about how much time you waste. I’m sure your mother did plenty of that. Here’s the thing though once you discover your passion and pursue it, time seems to melt away. There is no such thing as having idle time. Your passion becomes an obsession.

I have enough love to last me a lifetime! Thank God I’ll never lose my imagination and my passion.

That’s really what it is. I’m still passionate about what I do.
Teena Marie

Staying passionate about what you do is the trigger for working towards your inner greatness.

Finding your passion

How do you find your passion? Well it seems like you are somehow guided towards it? What guides us towards it and how do we know that we are being lead there? Ok stop firing all the questions at me. I know you want more.

So I will try to explain through my own story. My first passion was playing sport. I loved being free and expressing myself through my sporting pursuits. This led me to play a very high level of cricket and squash. I could spend hours crafting and improving my skills at both  of these sports. They both continued to give me a great deal of pleasure right up until the age of forty.  I guess age catches up with everyone. However I don’t believe it was age that shifted the focus for me. It was more a moving into another direction.

Coinciding with my love of sports was my teaching career. I loved to help children understand. The smile and spontaneity on their faces made the many hours and homework correction worthwhile?

All along I believed that sports and my teaching career was my passion. That is until I married and had my own family. I was sure that this was it. No matter what, nothing will ever make me lose my passion for my family.

Famous last words our family went through some dramatic changes. My passion is still there especially where my children are concerned, however the total unit is no longer united.

How do you find your passion now?

It’s funny how things work out. Turmoil seems to either make you surrender and die a little inside or it somehow makes you stronger. It’s like a wake up call. What is your life about and what is your purpose become nagging questions. Through the turmoil I managed to discover a new passion. Somehow I was drawn to online marketing through a network marketing opportunity. The idea of working from home and reaching out to the world appealed to me. Suddenly I was consumed in discovering new things and to develop new skills. Once again time just seemed to melt away.

Now don’t get me wrong I was no instant successful on line millionaire. However the passion was rekindled. There was no time for tv.

Passion takes a twist

When I chased after money, I never had enough. When I got my life on purpose and focused on giving of myself and everything that arrived into my life, then I was prosperous.
Wayne Dyer

Network marketing helped me to realise how much I didn’t know about communicating effectively with people. Another way to put it would be,  how much I had to grow for people to join my team. As a teacher and a sports person I had established a powerful standing within the community that I belonged to. As a professional network marketer I was learning new things from scratch. This led me to start looking for a system. A system that teaches  people how to be successful to build a big organisation. Fortunately for me I discovered such a system. if you too are looking for such a system send me an email or ask a question and I’ll be happy to share it with you.

The twist that I am talking about is related to the network marketing passion.

Personal development becomes a passion

The system had the ingredients to my new direction and passion. Yet it took me a long time to work it out. I started a free personal development course that happened to be part of the system. I immediately noticed the power and the energy within the group. The voices of some people was so convincing and powerful. My voice was like a timid little mouse in comparison. I remember thinking and saying to the host at the time what does it take to develop such a confidence and hear it projected through your voice? The host replied it is about slowing down the chatter in your mind and finding your life’s purpose.

That particular statement instantly created a new passionate student of personal development.

Had I discovered my real passion yet?

Well I certainly thought so. Personal development is about  teaching people to grow into the person they were meant to be. Guiding people to find the greatness from within, yes this is it. It resonates with me and I can spend many hours reading and talking with people to help them discover their life’s purpose. My teaching background definitely is a major plus in the equation. I can feel the same satisfaction that I felt when I was  teaching young children. I feel the passion as I help people unravel the mysteries of who they really are. So why is that I am not completely satisfied to this being my passion.

I did say that finding your passion was easy right?

Ok there is a further twist. However it is one for my next post on finding your passion.

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About the author: Loddy Micucci
Loddy Micucci a retired educator but a teacher for life. Now following his passion for helping people find their life purpose and the greatness within themselves.
  1. I think that passion, strong desire and confidence if future success can lead to excellent results! Thanks a lot for this post

    • Loddy Micucci says:

      Thank you Amanda, a burning desire and being able to see the end result as a done deal will definitely lead to excellent results. When you have this mindset you become unstoppable in your quest to realise your goals.

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