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Removing Fear

Removing Fear 

Removing Fear is all about changing the way you think about fear.

It just occurred to me that by writing about fear and having it as a focus on my mind that I am actually inviting fear into my life?

The feelings of self doubt are perpetuated when you are constantly thinking about it.

You know what it is time to clear out that junk from the past.

It will not be easy!


Because you have programmed it there over a life time!

Your subconscious mind is a faithful servant it will not allow you to undo all that careful programming that you have built up over time.

It will fight you. It will try and trick you and make you believe that you are headed down the wrong road.  Your subconscious mind has a bigger ego than you!

You will feel the tension as you try to leave the past behind. The feelings of who do you think you are will surface over and over again.

Do you really think you can achieve what all of your family and friends were not able to do?

Why should you live in the light when others are controlled by fear?

The signs of change

If you are noticing some of these questions appearing in your mind don't despair, it is actually showing you that your desire for change is taking place.

Try not to resist it. This is easier said than done, because it feels like you are going crazy in the process. You need to be strong and you need to have faith. You need to convince yourself  that you will come through it all in much better shape than when you began this transformation.

This is where it gets really tricky because unless you have moved to a deserted island and mastered your thoughts then there will be a constant reminder to not rock the boat. The questions about "who do you think you are?" will be reinforced by everything around you.  Don't become apathetic about  it becasue one powerful negative comment from a loved family member can send you scurrying for cover. You will be back in your comfort zone before you can even start to think about what is happening.

Moving on

Notice that I have not used the dreaded f word since the start of this article. It will probably hinder my keyword density but what the heck it is time to move on.

You will know that you are winning the battle as your thoughts become about finding creative solutions to your challenges rather than putting more obstacles in your path.

More than that you will start to feel a deep surge of energy from within. Suddenly you will lose that desire to retreat back into your shell. Instead it will be replaced by this inner confidence of knowing that you can overcome anything life decides to throw your way.

Creating your own reality

It's even more powerful than that becasue you are not reacting to what life has planned for you. You are actually creating your life through the power of intention.

Your intention and desires will actually begin to line up for you every single day.

You will not give up and have anymore I should have stayed in bed days.  You will not have the I can do it tomorrow attitude. Procrastination will become a long distant relative and over time it will be exorcised from your life altogether.

Instead you will develop an I can do it attitude. You will be grateful for every moment that you can inspire others to see the change that is possible.

It is tempting top shout it out from the roof tops.

By all means do.

But there is a caution here.

Don't be disappointed if thousands of people don't follow your lead and begin this metamorphosis.

You see only the people who are in tune with what is happening will even notice the change that is taking place within you.

It feels good just the same.

Treasure it.

Because you will have many people knocking on your door wondering what the heck happened to you when the transformation is complete.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post as removing fear becomes a thing of the past and we walk into the light.

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