Power Of Passion Webinar | Subconscious mind

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Power Of Passion Webinar | Subconscious mind

Power Of Passion Webinar | Subconscious mind

Hello, last Saturday was a brilliant day at healthylifestylesliving.com. It was the day of our first free power of passion webinars. Larry Lewis’ amazing generosity to make a positive difference for people who want to discover their passion and use it towards their building the life of their dreams. Larry injected so much time, effort and energy into this project. Mind you it is only the start of the journey.

Loddy’s part

I have been heavily involved in the planning by masterminding with Larry to bring the whole thing together. As personal development is my fortei I felt honoured to be involved. So I set about planning, assisting and marketing the webinar presentation. Larry acknowledged my efforts to the extent of providing me with some time to introduce myself on the webinar presentation itself. Of course I felt honoured and set about producing my speech. It was something about my journey and discovering my inner voice. I’ll do better than that I will include my speech into this post.

Loddy’s speech.

“Hello Loddy Micucci from Melbourne Australia here.  I will talk a little a bit about my journey and why I am here today. To be here today is so far removed from my comfort level of quietly working in the background like Neil does. So far removed that if I stop and think about it scares me.

So what changed?

Life changed and now I realise I have no regrets, because my life has changed for a reason.

As a teacher of thirty years or more experience I was making a difference to help and guide children to reach their full potential. Eventually I burnt out through the pressure and stress of working in a system that was all about control. That is another story .

The change in my life brought me to personal development. I have been on this self-discovery journey for 18 months now.I have learnt how to slow down the chatter and confusion in my mind.This gives me the clarity I need to use my creative imagination and to attract the things I want into my life.

It is a process! It begins with a burning desire and learning to listen to that powerful inner voice.

Once you can hear it. It will guide you to your life’s journey and purpose, if you listen to it.

It has led me here.

I now know that I am a teacher! I now know that I can mentor and guide others to take the journey and help them to discover their own greatness.

Meeting Larry and Neil was all about how you can attract the opportunities into your life that will propel you to be the person you were meant to be.

Larry and Neil make an excellent team. They mastermind and create programs to serve others and to make them realise what is possible.

Larry made me realise what is possible. I had a one on one coaching session with Larry. I was in sunny Queensland in the north east of Australia holidaying with my children and he rang me on skype.

I realised very quickly how much energy was in his voice. This immediately resonated with me. I had been working as a network marketer feeling very proud of my blog and the presence I was setting up on the web.

However my blog was all about personal development and network marketing without a very defined niche.

Larry honed in on that straight away he said who is Loddy  Micucci and what do you stand for? That question made me do a great deal of soul searching.

As I dug deep I realised that my journey was to continue to teach. The only difference being, now I was teaching and serving others to find their inner voice and discover the greatness within them.

So to cut a long story short the journey is just beginning and my hope for all of you is that you join us through this course to be on the journey with us.”

I was pretty chaffed when Larry said it was a very good speech and it had refocussed his thinking on his presentation.

The Power Of Passion Webinar begins

As usual Larry Lewis was at his brilliant best as his voice full of energy began to outline his vision.

He continued to empathise how wonderful his life is because of the fact that his work is his passion. Larry’s vision is to teach and mentor as many people who volunteer to do the very same thing for free. If you’re reading this post and you are thinking of putting your hand up, then I urge you to do so.

Waiting for my turn.

As it gets nearer to me saying my speech from Melbourne Australia I begin to get somewhat nervous. I began practising and trying to memorise my speech. It was like all of a sudden I was getting stage fright. Here I was ready to get hooked up into the webinar by skype and I was freezing up. My subconscious mind was chipping away at me. I noticed the signs of anxiety as a fear of public speaking and rejection. I recalled how I felt when I had to do a public presentation. The nerves and anxiety level were on high alert. I treid to clam myself down and reassure myself that once I was in front of the camera and speaking to the audience I would be ok.

The subconscious mind wins

“Our subconscious minds have no sense of humor, play no jokes and cannot tell the difference between reality and an imagined thought or image. What we continually think about eventually will manifest in our lives.”

Robert Collier quotes (American motivational author, 1885-1950)

It was time for me to do my presentation. Larry had just introduced me and all I had to do was click the talk now button and I would be on. Suddenly panic seemed to overtake me. Where was the talk now button. It was at the bottom of the video screen. Yet I couldn’t see it to click it. Somehow my screen would not scroll down far enough for me to click the talk now button. Minutes passed as I frantically looked for a way to enter the conference room. However all my efforts were in vain. I could not do my presentation. Larry smoothed everything over by making a joke about the technology issues between England and Australia.

As I reflect upon what actually took place I am over awed by the power of my previous programming and how entrenched it is in my subconscious mind. My saving grace is that I am now aware of what is happening and it is time to work on solutions to change that negative programming.

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About the author: Loddy Micucci
Loddy Micucci a retired educator but a teacher for life. Now following his passion for helping people find their life purpose and the greatness within themselves.

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