Persist with your passion

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Persist with your passion

Persist with your passion

Hello Loddy here again please don’t think I am a teacher basher. I know my last post was scathing towards teachers and an educational system that seems to be inflexible. I was and to a certain extent will always be a teacher.The days of defending and standing up for the hard working teachers in a system that does not reward their value to society are long gone.
It is time to make a stand.
Deep down you know that playing the system is hindering the passion and enjoyment of learning.

Let them play
As a primary school teacher I had the pleasure of witnessing a very innovative program called the development play program or something to that effect. This program is run by Cath Walker. She liases with schools to set up an adventure playground type environment inside the classrooms. So all the junior classrooms have two hours every morning exploring, constructing, digging, painting, drawing, playing, computers,dancing and doing anything their imagination could think of.  The teacher’s role was to model various behaviours such as writing letters, reading big books , how to paint, etc. All of the students were free to come and go to try any of the exciting activities. The formal reading writing and arithmetic were not taught in those sessions. They evolved from the activities the children were engaged in.

Such a program reminds me of learning how to find your passion. The children truly discover through the many activities what it is that they really enjoy doing.

How can students take risks when they are called failures if they do?
We lock them into a system where they have to get the correct answer and have a good grade. So they learn to play it safe because all of the teachers and the system want good grades. Of course it is a good thing to get good grades but not at the expense of spontaneity and the love of learning.

Where has the intrinsic desire to make sense of the world in wonderment of its beauty and treasure disappeared too?

“Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Persist with your passion even if means making mistakes. Thomas Edison failed 10 000 times before he perfected the light bulb we take for granted today.
The Wright brothers didn’t give up on their passion and dream and therefore  man is able fly.

Are our schools set up to allow students to persist with their passion or are they set up to minimise the creative genius bubbling away in everybody? Is measuring how well students can read, write and do arithmetic the true measure of a students capabilities?

Personal Development
It seems that the latter is the case. You need to get a good job. To get a good job you need good grades. To get good grades you have to go to the best schools. To go to the best schools you need to learn to play the system. To learn to play the system you have to be cautious. To be cautious means minimising your mistakes.

Then you get to 50 or so and all of a sudden you realise that you are tired of being cautious. At this point some people discover personal development. Guess what happens after that? You are encouraged to get in touch with your inner greatness. Yes it involves taking risks being spontaneous making mistakes. It involves finding your passion. Why do most people spend 30 years suppressing their passion? It’s all about fear and control. We cant have everybody running out saying that P word for heavens sake! It will be total anarchy.

Successful Entrepreneurs

What sets successful entrepreneurs apart from the rest of society? You got it it’s that P word. Passion drives them to follow an idea or ideals until they achieve success. They take risks and make things happen that lead to success. You could almost say that their burning desire attracts success to them through their passion in what they are doing. You wonder how it happens because even they meet the same controlling stumbling blocks as everybody else. You could say it is in spite of the educational system that they are forced to endure. In fact there are many instances in which the education  system has failed these self made entrepreneurs.

Starting all over again.

Picture this if you can, you are caught in a rut! Your life is spiralling out of control. The many twists and turns so far have you buried in all sorts of financial hassles. Not to mention emotional hassles. The road looks bleak and to do more of the same is committing more harm and eventual destruction to your situation.

Suddenly along comes something for free that could change everything for you. Would you be sceptical and not believe that it could work for you? Or would you be open minded and give it a go? After all what do you have to lose? It would be a change right! Most people would at least look at it.

Hello are you there. It’s about discovering your passion. Yes your passion! You know what you had as a child. The enthusiasm, spontaneity and courage to take risks and not be afraid of making mistakes. The ability to focus and make things happen. The ability to allow your inner greatness to emerge and provide you with the ability to shine.

The Power Of Passion Course for free

The Power Of Passion course will help you break down all that confusion and chatter in your mind so that you can use your amazing energy to discover your passion. You will be supported guided and mentored to achieve your goal of discovering what you really love to do. Larry Lewis and the whole Healthy Lifestyle Living team will become your family and we will believe in you. We will believe in you until you can believe in your self and your amazing greatness.

The Free Power Of Passion course will launch on April 10th. Stay tuned for details. So come and get in touch with your child like ability to take risks and enjoy life. Follow your passion to success.


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About the author: Loddy Micucci
Loddy Micucci a retired educator but a teacher for life. Now following his passion for helping people find their life purpose and the greatness within themselves.
  1. Loddy, it seems that schools are so much different now than they were when I attended. As a parent, I see the ‘numbers’ being more important than the child actually learning. Teachers say that the child is the most important, but their actions and comments do not reflect that to be true.
    Most people that I have met have had bad experiences on the internet, out searching to make an additional or primary income, only to be taken advantage of. It is a shame, but the truth. I’m so happy that the Power of Passion is going to change that experience for the ones who dive in and gain the benefits from this program. I’m excited to be a part of all of this ☺

  2. Passion needs freedom, and it includes the freedom to make mistakes. There are times when it isn’t even clear what our passion is, but for as long as we’re free to search for it, we have hope that it can be found. 😉

    • Loddy Micucci says:

      Yes Joyce thank you for your insights. Freedom is about having passion and knowing that making mistakes a part of discovering what your passion is. If we are very cautious and never stick our neck out then we find it hard to be free. We are always conforming to somebody else’s notion of what to do and what not to do. Being passionate about what you do is exciting and new. It takes your breath away as you enjoy every single minute of your day. Of course there will be challenges but you will somehow turn them into positives.

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