Where To Get Help With Dyslexia

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Where To Get Help With Dyslexia

When a loved on is diagnosed with dyslexia, often the first concern is where to get help with dyslexia. If you suspect that you have dyslexia then it is wise to learn where to get help with dyslexia.

You don’t need to suffer in silence you can begin to apply your creativity and intuition to succeed in life.

My advice is that you first get some information about dyslexia. There are many organisations that will provide you with all sorts of free information and advice.

So if you or somebody you care about is having problems at school for no apparent reason. When I say this I mean they have many strengths and function very well in many other areas. Yet for some reason their writing , reading and sometimes speaking is not quite up to what you would have expected.

Deep down you know there is something not quite right. How could a seemingly intelligent student suddenly hit a brick wall and struggle at school?

It is often not a huge major issue because the student is resourceful enough to get by. Often you will be told that they will grow out of it.

Unfortunately the truth of the matter is that if you have dyslexia then you have it for life. You don’t grow out of it. The news is not all grim because as we have seen many dyslexic use it to their advantage and relish in the gifts of big picture thinking, being very creative and intuitive. They use these gifts to succeed in life.

Knowledge is the key here.

Once you are armed with the information that you have dyslexia then the important thing to remember is to seek out help. Once again dont suffer in silence.

If you are a parent or a friend of a young person with dyslexia then you need to become their advocate leave no stone unturned until your child or friend is being taught in a way that will allow them to read at the grade level and beyond.

If dyslexia is caught early then the negativity and myths that surround it will not demoralize and stifle a bright active learner. Often it’s all about somebody taking time to believe and point you in the right direction that makes all the difference.

Please remember the emotional toll and the stigma attached to feeling like you are not succeeding at school. When your self esteem takes a battering this can be worse than the problem itself.

So where to get hep with Dyslexia.

I am currently teaching students with dyslexia using the Susan Barton reading and spelling system. Her web site at bright solutions has a great deal of up to date information on dyslexia. The best part about this that you can encourage your child’s school to purchase the course and have them provide it for the dyslexic students at the school. As there are one in five children who have some form of dyslexia it will be money well spent. Or you may want to do it in private with one of the Barton certified tutors.

Another very useful site and course is “the gift of dyslexia” by Ronald Davies. This has some great information on it too. It will help you decide if you need to pursue some form of dyslexia testing. It also provides you with a course that will address many of the issues dyslexic people encounter. The big plus here is that it promotes dyslexic people in a positive light and enables them to succeed through using their gifts.

A good place to get many answers to frequently asked questions about dyslexia is The Speld organisation in South Australia. Click on the highlighted text and you will be taken to their site.

The good news is that there are many organisations and schools that are familiar with Dyslexia and provide resources and assistance. The main thing to be very wary about is that your child or the people that you suspect may have some form of dyslexia do not see it as a lack of intelligence.

Some people spend their whole life masking the fact that they have dyslexia rather than enjoying the many gifts that it brings. This shatters their self esteem and robs society of the potential for them to achieve amazing things.

If you adopt this bury the head in the sand approach then you will attract many unwanted and negative things into your life. This is what makes dyslexia a very difficult thing to deal with.

If however you embrace it and seek out all of the assistance you require you will be attracting positive things into your life that will require the many gifts you posses to excel at.

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About the author: Loddy Micucci
Loddy Micucci a retired educator but a teacher for life. Now following his passion for helping people find their life purpose and the greatness within themselves.

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