Law of Attraction | Adult Dyslexia

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Law of Attraction | Adult Dyslexia

My educational journey about adult dyslexia has come full circle. It seems that somehow the law of attraction is involved in the process. I am not saying that the person with dyslexia has attracted it to themselves.

The Ron Davis method for undoing the disorientation that takes place in dyslexia suggests that dyslexia is a gift. Dyslexics show from an early age that they have a gift to solve problems through big picture thinking.

They learn the process of disorientation to get their heads around the curiosity of making sense of the amazing new world that they have landed in. This curiosity drives them to work things out and in doing so they get into cupboards and watch things smash on the floor. I am not generalizing here and saying that all children who have curiosity are dyslexic.

It seems from an early age children who have dyslexia can take in information at an amazing rate. They are picture thinkers and this means they can process information 400 to 2000 times faster than verbal thinkers.

Picture thinkers are much more detailed in their explanation and understanding. They are thorough and comprehensive in their explanation of an event. They see the big picture and can get bored very quickly. Symbols and words they cant see as  picture cause them to become frustrated. Unfortunately learning language especially in reading and writing is heavily weighted to using some of these symbols and words.

Verbal thinking is linear in time and it is done by making sentences one word at a time. So it is sequential and this helps when it comes to reading and writing. They are more analytical and are generally more suited to traditional learning methods taught in our schools.

How do you recognize the symptoms of dyslexia?

Well this is where it gets interesting because from the two cases on the way people think the dyslexic big picture thinker should actually flourish way past the ability of a verbal thinker.

So what is at play here? The ability to disorientate for dyslexics is a strength and a weakness.  Disorientation is the ability to look beyond and around the problem to see it from a different perspective. I say this because it gives them an edge on solving big complicated problems and yet at the same time it can make them look foolish when they can’t spell the word the. Or for that matter draw a blank when they try and read it. You see it is impossible for them to attach a three dimensional object to this word. Unfortunately the English language has approximately two hundred such words.

The law of attraction becomes a major factor when people start pointing the finger at their inability to do the simple things well. A dyslexics child’s self esteem becomes shattered. They begin to feel bad about themselves. Why can they solve such complicated problems yet feel so inadequate when it comes to solving simple problems and words?

A dyslexic student will concentrate extremely hard to focus and learn to read. Yet the harder they focus the more their disorientation builds. It reaches a crescendo and this causes a high level of frustration and sends them into a panic.

When they are in this state the whole room feels like it is distorted. So trying to read is a blur and this is what people believe is the letter reversal  and confusion with reading and writing.

I am not an advocate of the Ron Davis method as yet because my student and I have just discovered it. However reading The Gift of Dyslexia brought tears to my students eyes. He could finally understand what he went through at school. The frustration, the anger, the blaming and also the manipulation of trying to hide and cover up his inability to spell, read and write.

This created a whole cataclysmic image of someone who was not at ease with himself. He is still coming to grips with his worthiness and is always seeking approval.

This lack of self worth has brought him down. These negative feelings have attracted negativity back to him through the law of attraction.

We have begun the journey of coming to grips with this negative outlook. However he is a long way off being able to love himself. He cannot as yet say a positive self talk. This is a work in progress.

He has however used the law of attraction to seek out professional help. This saw him find a tutor of the Ron Davis  System for curing disorientation in dyslexics. The amazing part is that he actually pleaded his case and was able to exchange his services as a professional hairdresser to pay for his tuition.

He has extremely high hopes that he will fulfill his ambition of begin able to read and write fluently. This as he puts it will become his riches in life.

Stay tuned as we embark on using the Ron Davis method for beating dyslexia.

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About the author: Loddy Micucci
Loddy Micucci a retired educator but a teacher for life. Now following his passion for helping people find their life purpose and the greatness within themselves.
  1. Grady Pruitt says:

    I do not have dyslexia. But I understand it does make reading very difficult. The trouble is that so much of our education is based on reading. I think educators are starting to learn that there are many ways of learning and are starting to introduce more sensory input into the education process, but reading is still a key part of that.

    Good luck with the journey. I hope it works out for you and your student.

    • Loddy Micucci says:

      Thank you Grady, the multi sensory approach is definitely needed in our schools. As you say too much emphasis is placed on a particular style of learning. Unfortunately for some this makes their educational experience one they would rather forget. As well as this catering for many different learning styles makes more sense because no two students are exactly alike and learn in different ways. I know many schools are addressing this, however I believe we still have a long way to go.

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