Its A Small World

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Its A Small World

Its a small world suddenly flashed through my head today as I sit here on my computer talking and working with my business partners in the UK.

Neil Haywood is on my computer screen as if he was looking over my shoulder and Larry Lewis is in the office typing away. Meanwhile I have just woken up at 6.30am on the other side of the world in Melbourne Australia.

Our task today is to build an Amazon Shop for our website slim express. This is a health site that we want to transfer over to Australia.

I reflect on how this is possible?

The opportunities out there are just breath taking. Technology is at our disposal to the point where it is only limited by our imagination. Yet we here doom and gloom all around us.

People have buried their thoughts and energies in what they cant do and how tough everything is. Where as in reality the information age and technology have made nearly everything you can imagine possible.

What your imagination and mind can conceive technology can bring about.

The world has in fact become a global village. The internet gives us the opportunity to forge strong global relationships and build success in many different ways.

Currently at “healthy lifestyles living” we are investing a  great deal of time and energy into building e commerce shops. It is our vision and desire to create a one stop Healthy Lifestyles Living site. You will be able to visit our site. You will be able to assess your needs by reading the very informative information. You will be able to consult with experts. The best part is that you can will be able to become part of a  vibrant health concious community. As a member of that community you will be able to access a plethora of healthy lifestyles living resources.  You can then purchase everything you need to maintain your healthy lifestyle through the brand new e commerce shops that will be launched soon.

Yes there are very exciting times ahead for us all.

Once again upon reflection, how does a venture like this even become an idea. The answer here is that it evolves. You just don’t suddenly wake up and think of it.

The path to arriving at creating a brilliant idea and turning it into reality has many twits and turns. We just didn’t magically say we will have an internet site that can provide for everybody’s health needs.

The beginning of the story is all about building the relationship first. Once you begin masterminding with your team, unbelievable things begin to happen. You see, your idea maybe the beginning of elevating a new stronger version of what you suggest to the group.

This is the interesting part because if you allow this process to be the way you operate, then you can rest assured your thoughts and ideas will be challenged, sifted and sorted out. In the end it will seem like the idea has control of the whole situation. It’s like it is waiting for the group to finally get it.

A word of caution about this process. The mastermind process requires harmony and a shared vision. Power struggles just don’t work. If you are looking to build a mastermind group begin small. Begin with just one other person who stimulates your thoughts and you have a great deal in common with.

Once you establish this strong bond everything you need will begin to surface. You somehow tap into a third mind as Napoleon Hill in ‘Thick and Grow Rich” likes to refer it too. This third mind is a clone of you and your partners ideas with an extra bit of  vision thrown in.

When you begin working in this way. You constantly ask yourself “did I think of that?” Suddenly the discussion takes on a higher level of importance.

I don’t want to reveal too much about the journey we have been on just yet. At  this stage we have a work in progress sign for our vision. I will elaborate as we get closer to launching this one stop Healthy Lifestyles Platform.

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About the author: Loddy Micucci
Loddy Micucci a retired educator but a teacher for life. Now following his passion for helping people find their life purpose and the greatness within themselves.

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