The Subconscious

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The Subconscious

The subconscious mind is your filing system of past experiences, your culture and everything that makes up you. It is all stored away. It is a true memory bank of everything that you have been exposed to. It uses all that information to steer you in the right direction. It is said to be programmable and needs direction from the conscious mind to function the way you want it to. Otherwise it tends to have a mind of its own relying on the habits of a life time to sort things out.

Wayne Dyer in his book ” Wishes Fulfilled”  claims that the subconscious mind is busy at work right throughout the night while the rest of you is sleeping. He goes on to explain that the subconscious mind is working hard for four hours on the last thoughts you have before you enter the land of nod.

What are the implications for the conscious and subconscious?

The implications are that you have a choice on what thoughts you take to sleep with you. You can choose to reflect on the negativity and frustration that made up your day. You can choose to think of the wonder that you will experience tomorrow. It’s your choice.

This is where it gets really interesting because when you make one of the above choices you are signalling to the subconscious that you want more of it?

So what is it that you want more of?

What is it about the subconscious mind that gives it so much power?

The subconscious mind’s power comes from its ability to tap into an infinite source of knowledge. It begins with your own and somehow draws upon the information it needs to make things happen. Now the interesting part is that this can be either negative or positive depending on the way you feel.

The way you feel triggers off a myriad of thoughts through your mind. These are always emotionally charged and they can exist at different stages of awareness. The subconscious mind will file these away according to how much emotion is present with every thought that you have. Highly charged thoughts jump to the head of the cue and are dealt with immediately. The others have to wait for their turn.

Successful people seem to be highly energized.

It has been my experience to observe and listen to successful people at work. One of the inescapable conclusions I come to is that they all posses a high energy output. Their voice is clear, loud and strong. They seem to be able to accomplish so much in the same amount of time as everybody else. This high energy is all about the way they feel. Success obviously agrees with them and their thoughts are highly energized to continue to succeed and achieve. That is all the subconscious needs to know. Those highly energized thoughts jump to the front of the cue and get dealt with immediately.

You can make this happen.

You too as you read this post can begin to put feeling and energy into the thoughts you want dealt with first. Yes you don’t have to be a passenger to this process. You can take the reigns and control it. The starting point is to plant in the subconscious mind what it is that you want. The way to do it is to state in the present tense. I am ”   living   a life of abundance” you can insert whatever you wish in the quotation mark.

  • Say it just before you are about to nod off
  • Say it with conviction
  • Feel it as if it is already yours
  • Have faith that you will receive it
  • Be patient as you don’t get to decide when the time is right
  • Remove self doubts
  • See yourself as having achieved what you stated
  • Engage in win win situations
  • Allow love to be the message that you spread

The benefits of adopting this way of thinking, feeling and living are the ability to shape your life into what you want it to be. It will not just happen for you. As you can see from the above list there is quite a bit of work involved. If you are a thinking person as we all are then why not put your thought processes into achieving the life you want.

Since you are doing it all the time anyway why not take control.

It is easy to do but also just as easy to not to do as Jeff Olsen quotes in his book The Slight Edge. If you have tried the above process share your experiences with our readers.

Did it work for you?

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About the author: Loddy Micucci
Loddy Micucci a retired educator but a teacher for life. Now following his passion for helping people find their life purpose and the greatness within themselves.
  1. Aayna@content writing jaipur says:

    I really liked this post. I believe in each and every word which has been woven in this blog post. Subconscious mind comprises of each and every thought which remains in our mind frame as an unfulfilled desire. It is responsible for dreams and other deja vu feelings. Thanks.

  2. The subconscious mind is indeed a bank of all our thoughts that are expressed or unexpressed. It is said and believed that God lives in our subconscious and that is why sometimes the voice of subconscious is louder. Indeed a great share; thanks for sharing.

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