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Five obstacles holding you back?

Five obstacles holding you back?

The top five obstacles holding you back.

The top five obstacles holding you back  are more about your own personal growth.

To have success you need to overcome the top five obstacles holding you back.


Number one obstacle  of the five obstacles holding you back  is dwelling on the past.  If you are thinking about any past failings or obstacles then you are not thinking about the now.  This makes it very difficult to confront issues and solve problems creatively.

Number two obstacle of the five obstacles holding you back is not knowing how to live in the now. This is when you are distracted from focussing on every minute of the day. This is actually a very big area because it takes a great deal of personal development to learn how to live in the now.  The best place to start is to feed your subconscious mind positive affirmations repeatedly over and over again. This requires you to build a positive self talk that flows off your tongue easily. It will resonate and invigorate you. It will also allow you to focus on each situation with clarity.

Number three obstacle of the five obstacles holding you back is self doubt. This is a huge one! When you have self doubt you are feeding your subconscious mind with negativity and undoing any of the positive gains that you have made. The only way to eradicate this is to catch yourself doing it and say stop it!  It is important to become good at doing  this and switching your thoughts as soon as any self doubt is detected. Increasing the amount of times you say your positive self talk will help you guard against this as well.

Number four obstacle of the five obstacles holding you back  is surrounding yourself with negative emotions.  It is important to be around inspiring positive people that care about your success. This will make it easy for you to stay in the positive emotions. If you are surrounded by negative people because you have no choice. Then my advice to you is to have a very good mental picture of your perfect day. Why do you need this. Well when they are puking negativity at you, switch to that mental picture of your perfect day. This will safeguard you against their negativity.

negative emotions 150x150 7 mlm obstacles holding you back  five obstacles holding you back need to be dealt with!

Number five obstacle of  the five obstacles holding you back  is not having a harmonious supportive mastermind group. This is essential to your success. History teaches us that anybody who has had enormous success and has acquired enormous wealth has had the backing of a supportive mastermind group.  You need people in your mastermind group that share your burning desire to succeed. They need to be supportive and in synch with your vision for your success. Make sure you choose carefully. Anybody in your mastermind group emitting negative energy will derail your success.

The biggest thing holding yo back is your mindset

Change your thoughts an d change your life.

Changing your thoughts begins with making a decision to do so. Once you make that decision and you possess a burning desire to make it happen. Then you are well on the road to transforming your life. Break the shackles of your mind and make that decision today. It is really that easy.

A person with a burning desire to succeed can become unstoppable. The seas will part and the universe will oblige to help a driven focussed person to achieve their goals.

Why live your life according to the road map other people want you to follow? It is your life after all. make that decision to change your life by addressing the top five obstacles holding you back.

We are here to help.

If you need mentoring on this, support or you cant find that harmonious mastermind group. Reach out and ask for help you will find it right here.

Dont delay any longer!

Why waste your time?

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