Are You Happy With The Path Your Life Is Taking?

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Are You Happy With The Path Your Life Is Taking?

It was only as I hit my late 40’s that I knew without any doubt that I was happy with the path my life was taking. What a shame it wasn’t earlier, because how much better would all of those adult years have been that I’ve seen go by.

One of my goals in life is to get others to realize that they are capable of so much more, and helping them to choose the path which feels right for them.

I talked to someone today who reminded me of why this goal is of such importance. I simply asked him how he was, and his reply ‘I’m great, spent a lovely morning with my lady and our baby, but at midday I have to go to work, and will have 8 hours of boredom and nothingness.’

I’m wondering to myself whether he realises that the choice to be happy is his to make.

Right now he is stuck in a semi miserable life. He loves the personal side of his life, but when it comes to his career, well he doesn’t have one, he simply does a job, one he hates.

This job that he hates doesn’t pay well either. Things are a bit of a struggle for him right now financially. Yet I know he is an extremely hard working man. So why does he put up with this?

Does he feel that he doesn’t deserve something better, or simply believe nothing better is available for him. He can look around, talk to many and find his situation is not in the least unusual. It’s common for people to hate their jobs, feeling stuck with no options.

Yet things could be so different for him and every one of those like him.

It starts with being able to dream and think of all the things he could possibly do with his life, setting goals to reach and believing he can achieve them.

We only have a finite amount of time on earth, so isn’t it just sensible to view our time spent here as an opportunity to grow, evolve and to find happiness by finding the place that’s right for us.

His life will change dramatically the minute he decides that he truly wants to figure out what he wants to do with his life. The people who achieve happiness and success are those who choose refuse to settle for less than what they’re worth and are determined to find the path that is right for them.

We all – every one of us – have a right path, but does this matter enough to us to try and find it?

I want to know your thoughts, are you on the right path, or the wrong, and if the latter do you want to find out how to make the change so you can get things to move in the right direction.

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  1. Lucky are those who have started to walk through their happy path at an early age. But I must also say that is will never be late to change path for those who have not. Happiness is a choice is it’s always up to us to go for it or not. It’s not too late to review and think what’s make you happy. Thanks for sharing this wonderful life journey. 🙂

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