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The VIP First Aid Kit

Awesome tools for coping with the emotional impact of Visual Impairment.

This book is a manual of instruction in the art of relaxation, of letting go, seeing you releasing tension from body and mind and overcoming the psychological and emotional challenges faced by the visually impaired.

Allows you to help ease the pain, soothe the aches, and relieve the distress from your psychological injuries.
Contains 10 uniquely designed relaxation techniques.
Helps you prepare your mind for a new, fresh life journey without being held back by your visual impairment.
Audio included for easy listening.

What Is The VIP First Aid Kit?

Adjustment to vision loss can be a slow and painful process and throughout it you’ll feel as if you’re on an emotional roller coaster.

There are days you want to roll up into a ball and disappear into a dark hole. There are the days you want to go to bed and just sleep until everything feels better. There will be days and moments where your body feels drained of energy, your sight problems get you so down, where your mind simply cannot focus on anything other than your frustrations and difficulties. I know those days and, I am sure, so do you.

The sooner you take steps to accept and cope with your vision loss, the sooner you can resume your normal activities and maintain control over your life. My philosophy is that the essence of a person does not reside in the ability to see or to perform any particular physical function, but rather it lies in their spirit, ‘the non-physical part of a person which is the seat of emotions and character; the soul.’ To get your emotions under control you need to learn to calm your spirit.

The Tools You Will Receive Include

Mental Imagery
Your Life’s Purpose
Get Into Centre
Deep Breathing
Morning Relaxation
Progressive Muscular Relaxation
Healing Relaxation

The reason many take no purposeful action to treat their psychological wounds is because they lack the tools with which to do so. With the right tools they can bring themselves so much relief.

I want to provide a resource for you to use of tools that can help to ease the pain, soothe the aches, and relieve the distress from your psychological injuries, all you have to do is use the emotional first aid kit. All the tools I’ve included WORK! I know that there are an abundance of tools out there to help your physical challenges and equipment to help you with your daily living challenges. Yet very little seems to be available specifically created for the visually impaired to deal with their emotional difficulties … until now.

Available Book Packages

We offer two versions of the VIP First Aid Kit.

PDF Version
The VIP First Aid kit is available in the ‘traditional style’ PDF ebook. Perfect to get you started.
Audio Version
Contains an audio voice over of the VIP First Aid kit ebook with separate audio files for the relaxation scripts.
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You will be sent an email containing a link to the version of your choice.
Feel free to download a copy of both versions.