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The Day Half The World Vanished

I had become one of the vision-impaired, and I was off on a trip I had never in my life expected to take. I learnt to live successfully with sight loss. My hope is that, I can help others deal with the emotional distress and sense of helplessness that I ...

You Have Entered a World of Personal Development

You Have Entered a World of Personal Development Welcome to the Healthy Lifestyles Living Website. Did you know that we are a personal development blog site? Hi! My name is Larry Lewis. The purpose for this website is to help you find, share, and discover ways to help improve the quality of your ...

Welcome Guide

Thank you to everyone who is stopping by my blog today for the first time. I’m so excited to meet you! Welcome Friends! I hope this blog finds you well. My intentions are simple. I want to be a positive factor in your lives. I want to encourage you to grow. We ...