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I will help you identify and work through the barriers that have prevented you from experiencing your best career, life or health and wellness. Helping you make positive lifestyle changes based on your unique needs and personal preferences.

Create the MIND – BODY – SOUL you want with Professional One-To-One Life Coaching

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When we feel strong, alert, vital, healthy we feel capable, grateful, positive, motivated, inspired to share our light in the world and better able to handle the bumps and turns along the way.

Are You Looking To


Boost Your Career

Increase the quality of your life, career, relationships and health?


Overcome Illness

Need to figure out how to overcome chronic illness?


Rebuild Your Life

Move forward with specific personal life goals?

There is a very simple reason why I specialise in these three areas of life coaching. Over my 55 years, I have owned flourishing businesses but due to misfortune I have also experienced bankruptcy and lost everything (my house included). I have been at peak performance as a health and fitness instructor only to have my health taken away from me in 2009 and then again in 2014.

Rest assured though, no matter what life has thrown at me, each time I have been able to successfully rebuild what I have lost and get back on track by using the tools and techniques I can teach you. I not only have the paperwork and qualifications to coach you in each of these areas but I have lived through it, good and bad and can help you do the same.

This is why I know I can help you!

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Hour Of Power

I love working with ambitious people who are stuck in life, playing ‘small’ or standing in their own way of success.

I enable them to move forward, create results and start living a great life they love.

Clients might be feeling stuck in their career, their business, or their personal life, and they come to me because they’ve realised something in their life needs to change, and that something is themselves.


Health & Wellness

Is Your Company Actively Supporting Employee Health and Wellness? Is the Benefit Worth the Investment?

Companies are realizing more and more that the health and fitness of their employees can impact the bottom line. Research shows that employees who are healthier are more productive and less frequently absent.



Need a speaker who is Engaging, Energetic and full of Enthusiasm? Larry is a Health and Wellness Coach, writer on the subject of healthy lifestyles living and personal development,  known for his healthy, fun, and invigorating activities, his presentations leave boomers, retirees, seniors and everyone ready to take action and live their life to the fullest!

Healthy Lifestyles

Seminars / Workshops

Want hands-on, interactive sessions that are assured to be Engaging, Energetic and Enthusiastic?  Participants will leave with specific action plans and the necessary guidelines that are practical and easily implemented to achieve desired health and wellness goals.

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Simply give me a call to discuss your life coaching needs. In 30 minutes we will have determined if life coaching is right for you!

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You can book your free introductory life coaching session by simply filling out our contact form OR call +44 (0) 7412 812 894 to book your session OR book online here.

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