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Welcome to Healthy Lifestyles Living

Welcome to Healthy Lifestyles Living – a website for people who are passionate aboutbecoming, healthier, fitter, happier and ultimately taking their lives to a more satisfying future. So we bring you the information which will help you build a healthier and happier lifestyle.

The mission of Healthy Lifestyle Blog is to inspire individuals to incorporate healthy lifestyle living and personal development techniques in everyday life.

In the fifteen years I have been working actively in the fitness industry I have never ceased to be amazed by the things I have seen and heard in relation to lifestyles that people come to accept as the norm when, in fact, their quality of life is far less than they deserve or should expect, no matter how it has been occasioned.

Too often people who have been diagnosed with such conditions as arthritis, rheumatism, diabetes, depression, back problems or stress, seem to immediately start their descent down an imaginary slippery slope. They see, feel and believe their life to be on a descending spiral.

  • To see a 40 year old man diagnosed with diabetes, age 20 years overnight is a shocking thing to witness.
  • To see a fit 50 year old successful businessman, with an active social life, a mortgage-free perfect home, two wonderful children succeeding in their own lives, being diagnosed as clinically depressed, losing his way overnight, and his entire body posture and state of mind crumble, is an exasperating sight.

My passions have led me to take everything I have learned and experienced and use it to start providing information and coaching, as a formula to provide people with both the tools and behaviours necessary for healthy, happy living.

Despite all the technological advances we benefit from, society is plagued by ill health.  What we do with regards to our lifestyle helps define who we are, how well we live – even how long we live.

The principles that this blog supports are to ensure that people are not only free from ill-health but actually in good physical and mental health.  There surely can be nothing more important than the promotion of the well-being of the individual. I help my readers as much as I can by writing articles, sharing personal development information, healthy lifestyle strategies and tips, intended to help you live the life you really want.

My purpose is to use my knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to empower and inspire others to discover their passions and fulfil their dreams.

Health seems like a concept that too often escapes people. If you suffer too frequently from bad health or negative thinking, and you have only just realized the need to shift to a healthier lifestyle, or you’ve always wanted to but never have, odds are that you’re pretty clueless about how to go about it. Whatever your healthy lifestyle goals are, my blog is always a good place to get started on your quest for health, fitness, stress management and personal development.

At the heart of living a healthy lifestyle it is imperative to get the right connection between your Mind, Body and Soul connection.

Your Body or Physical You requires:

  • The Right Nutrition,
  • Appropriate Weight,
  • Being Physically Fit and Exercising,
  • Receiving Adequate Rest,
  • Proper Stress Management.

Your Mind or Emotional You requires:

  • self-supportive attitudes,
  • positive thoughts and viewpoints,
  • positive self-image,
  • give and receive forgiveness,
  • love and compassion;
  • laugh and experience happiness,
  • joyful relationships with yourself and others.

Your Soul or Spiritual You requires:

  • inner calmness,
  • openness to your creativity,
  • trust in your inner knowing.

Since the entire YOU, meaning all aspects of ones self, must work in harmony to achieve wellness, you need to put balanced energy into each aspect of yourself.

All of us have unlimited potential in us to achieve everything we ever wanted. All of us have the capability to do whatever we wish to do. All of us CAN fulfill our greatest goals and dreams. No matter who we are or what we do, there is always room to be better, bigger and more excellent.

And that’s the reason why this site is here – To enable everyone to achieve our highest potential and live our best life. This is meant to be a safe place where we gather together with others who are passionate about achieving excellence in life, challenge limitations, share our best learning’s and achieve our highest potential.

The Main Site Features

  • The Blog - This is where you will find the best, most motivating articles on healthy lifestyles and personal.
  • The Power of Passion Community – A completely free members area dedicated to changing your life by redirecting your focus on to the things that matter to you. Only once you are working to your passions will you be able to achieve great success in both your personal and business life.
  • Wellbeing Store - offering you Wellness and Healthy Living products for body, mind & soul to promote greater health & well-being.

Enjoy your time here!

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