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Life leaves Clues


When you realise it’s important for you to discover your life purpose the good news is that life leaves clues. Yet the question ‘what do you really want to do with your life’ often seems to be as unanswerable as the question ‘what comes first, the chicken or the egg?’ Several years ago, when I first started speaking, some of ... Read More »

My second coming


Well I’ve decided I’m not going quietly. I have every intention of making the most of every day I have remaining and create a brilliant second coming. In fact my second coming is going to the best years I have ever had the luck to experience. I am 52 years young, and will have achieved most of my major goals ... Read More »

The Proudest Day of My Life

The Proudest Day of My Life

There are moments in our life when we see a glorious star shine through brightly on our path. Today was definitely one of the proudest days of my life when a true star, my daughter Laura Jayne deservedly enjoyed the love and attention of her family to celebrate her most remarkable achievement yet. Today was a milestone in her life, ... Read More »

It’s Time to Stop Grieving

Time to Stop Grieving

Whenever someone is affected by a major disaster there is an emotional reaction that you will go through. I can pretty much tell you that everyone goes through the same stages of emotion. I know I did, and later on I was able to come to the understanding that I had reacted to my failures by going through ‘The Grieving ... Read More »

How to Build Your Self Image

How to Build Your Self Image

One of the most important human traits leading to success and happiness is having a positive self image. The real judge of our success over the whole of our life’s journey is how much we still value ourselves if we lose everything, our home, possessions, money, marriage, if we were stripped bear, down to having just the clothes we wear, ... Read More »

Turn Things Around


I’m coaching somebody at the moment who has had his life thrown into turmoil by recent events. The circumstances of what happened aren’t important, but the consequences are. He finds himself barely surviving, money or the lack of it is causing him great stress and he is battling on many fronts. He may hate life as it is right now ... Read More »

Believe in Yourself


A key to success and happiness is to believe in yourself. On my journey I have had an unwavering belief in myself. I have never doubted that I was destined to be a great success in life. I strongly believed that everything that ever happened to me was part of a great plan that would lead to my ultimate success. ... Read More »

Learn from Life Lessons

Learn from Life Lessons

All experiences can serve as life lessons provided we learn from the information and invest its value in our own lives. I have come to realise that those of us who fail should find a way to teach others from our experiences because we have much to teach from the life lessons that we had to go through on our ... Read More »

Power Your Future


Power your future by having a big dream driving you every day into taking action. This will provide you with an amazing force to make things right in your life. The thought of ‘what can be’ has the ability to drive us to do all that we can do to make it happen. You have to have a driving force ... Read More »

Free Life Coaching


One of the things we should all be doing everyday is trying to make our life better and those of others, and that is why I am soon launching a way to provide free life coaching. I know the most important thing any human being can do for themselves is invest in themselves.  As a life coach I simply love ... Read More »

She overcame adversity

She overcame adversity

 Today I want to share a story about a young lady who has been able to overcome adversity and made her family incredibly proud. Anyone who reads my blogs on a regular basis knows that I am a devoted dad to my two daughters. So I don’t apologise for wanting to write another blog concerning one of them. I had ... Read More »

Behind the Curtains


Do you ever wonder what’s happening behind those closed curtains in your street? There was once a little boy, who hoped his life hidden behind the curtains could be seen by nobody else. He felt that nobody would understand the life he lived, and constantly asked himself why me. He was certain that nobody else would be living like this, ... Read More »

Recover from your mistakes


Isn’t it time for you to stop beating yourself up for that slip-up you made and now make this the moment where you allow yourself to recover from your mistakes? It’s cost you enough already. By thinking about it all the time and letting it keep you down it’s just doing you no favours, but you don’t need me to ... Read More »

Define The Term Personal Development

Define The Term Personal Development

I dedicate this post today to my good friend Christos Tziakos who asked me this week to define the term personal development, now this should be easy for me as it’s a subject I write or coach on daily, but as I think about it I come to realise that the ‘development of self’ is a very individual thing, so ... Read More »

Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself

stop feeling sorry for yourself

I think one of the worst traits shown by certain people is the need to make others feel sorry for them. They spend precious time making sure they share all their bad news and sad tidings with anyone that wants to listen. They seem to be reassured by others showing sympathy and expressing their pity. I wonder to myself what ... Read More »

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