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What Are Your Greatest Talents

what are your greatest talents

One of the favourite questions I ask those I coach is, what are your greatest talents? It has taken very little time for me to begin to see the potential of many of the people taking the course at my Reinvention University. It amazes me that although I can see clearly what each of them has to offer, they themselves ... Read More »

Time is ticking

Time is ticking

Time never stops, tick tock, another second goes by, before you know it a minute will be gone, then an hour, a day, a week, a month. Nothing you do can slow it down. You can’t get it back, and you can’t make extra time. We all get 24 hours a day, that is it, no more. My question is ... Read More »

Releasing Attachment From The Past

Releasing Attachment From The Past

Whether you like it or not, you can never change what’s already happened – ever. What’s done is done. But the good news it is in the past, it is gone, as long as you allow it to be. Holding onto what’s already gone is living your life in a state on fear, being led by events that were perhaps ... Read More »

Finding Your Golden Nugget


We all search for that golden nugget outside of us, but in truth the one of greatest value lies within us. I’ve been trying to find the right analogy to describe today’s idea. First I started thinking of that well known expression ‘the needle in a haystack’ but that just didn’t resonate with the true picture. More apt would be ... Read More »

Deal with criticism

Deal with criticism

Everyone’s a critic and learning to deal with criticism is essential for both our success and failure. We have to accept with whatever we do people will always feel it their right, some their duty to criticise us. The more we put ourselves out there in the public domain we invite the opportunity for others to find fault with what ... Read More »

Teaching is it for you

Teaching is it for you

I have asked myself this question many times. I have even tried to reinvent myself as an online entrepreneur yet no matter what I try there is always a teaching component involved. Teaching is in my blood. I am at my best when I am helping , guiding, tutoring or mentoring somebody to succeed. It can be a thankless calling. ... Read More »

Coaching To The Masses

Coaching To The Masses

Yesterday we launched the Reinvention University, and my dream of bringing coaching to the masses has started. The beginning of a dream is at long last taking shape in my life. Not just any dream but one I’ve carried with me from my youth. It’s the one that I would day dream about constantly, that was forever playing out in ... Read More »

It’s never, never, ever too late


I had a dream back when I was a teenager. I would day dream constantly seeing myself standing on stage talking to a packed auditorium about personal development. But adult life took me into a totally different direction. But I now know it’s never, never, ever too late to go for your dreams. Somebody asked me what created my passion ... Read More »

Do You Dare To Dream?


I would like to welcome my friend and an integral part of our new Reinvention University, Maria King who has contributed today’s blog. Let her introduce herself: My name is Maria King, mother of five , grandmother of eight and full time support worker. My two youngest daughters aged eighteen and fourteen are still at home and I have full ... Read More »

Self-Doubt Creeps In


Why do you lay in your bed unable to sleep while your mind tortures you in seeing the breakdown of all your dreams? All these thoughts pounding down on you like iron fists trying to beat you into submission. Do you see life as so unfair, nothing ever seems to go right for you? I am sure at times we ... Read More »

Making A Decision To Transform Your Life


One moment can lead to reinvention. Just as quick as a blink of an eye you can pick up on a cue that leads to you suddenly making a decision to transform your life. Anyone who is a regular visitor to this blog knows that on occasion I will write about my two daughters. Well today is such an instance. ... Read More »

A Life Filled With Purpose And Passion

Purpose And Passion

Is life brilliant for you? It’s not, do you often ask yourself why? You’re having a hard time working out what’s missing. You keep wondering and just wish you could find the answer. Would you like to know? Of course you would. So let me give you the answer … a life filled with purpose and passion would transform your ... Read More »

The Reinvention University


If you have ever said “There must be more to life than this” then the Reinvention University is the program that shows you how you can get what you want out of life! See how here... Read More »

A Poem In loving memory


I have never written a poem, or should I say tried to before. My reputation as a writer may be in tatters once I publish this, but I learnt long ago that when you write from the heart, you’re at your best, so share it with the world. If one person gets strength from reading this and can be empowered ... Read More »

Steps to your life transformation


Today I have pleasure in offering you the choice between reading this life transformation post or listening to it. What does it take to reinvent yourself and enjoy a life transformation? So many of you are searching for the answer of how to find meaning in your life and create a significant life transformation, but you’re struggling. Life is just ... Read More »

I want more from life

I want more from life

How often have you said I want more from life? Do you yearn for more meaning to your life? Are you approaching an age where you feel that life is passing you by? Do you feel stuck in a meaningless life where happiness seems non-existent? If you dream of changing your life and reinventing yourself then you have come to ... Read More »

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